After Moosh was born, it became crystal clear that the saying “It takes a village to raise a child” is 100% true. I was, and forever will be, eternally grateful for everyone who brought over a meal or sacrificed their time to come clean our house and do the laundry. We even had several family members donate a few nights to staying with us overnight and hanging out with a very colicky baby while we slept.

And I’m already noticing this again during this pregnancy. In just the littlest ways, it has helped tremendously.

it takes a village
My Husband  //  It’s no secret that I’ve been sick and less than human over the last few months. I’ve slacked on everything. Obviously, it’s not on purpose; but there is still a huge amount of guilt over disregarded housework, laundry in piles, and a toddler disheveled. Not to mention my inability to go into work. He’s been incredibly supportive and has picked up my slack.

My Doctors + Pharmacist  //  They have all seen a lot of me lately. I’ve been in to see my doctor biweekly and the pharmacist about the same amount, if not more. My doctors (yes, the practice has multiple doctors that I rotate in seeing) haven’t batted an eye at trying different methods to help my extreme morning sickness. They’ve been patient and accomodating.

And as odd as it sounds, my pharmacist has been a huge supporter. Not only have I seen him on the regular over the last few years, but he was one of the first people to find out I was pregnant both times! The first time — with Moosh — I literally went one week to picking up my birth control pills to filling and picking up prenatal vitamins the next. This time around he had to go behind the counter to get me some B6 vitamins, which are made pretty much for combating morning sickness. Ha! Well over the course of this pregnancy, my dear pharmacist Patrick (yep, we’re on a first name basis — LOL), has told me about how his wife had a terrible time with both of her pregnancies. This last time I went in to get a new morning sickness medication Patrick offered an additional piece of advice… He told me not to feel guilty about the multiple doctors visits and not to feel like I was wasting their time. That all of them were happy to help and get me to feeling better. ♥ THANK YOU PATRICK!

My Family + Friends  //  Everyone has been so supportive. My mom calls in to check on me everyday. I know she wishes she could be here to help me through this time, but times like this last weekend she WAS able to come up and help out. And I totally appreciated having her take on a super crazy toddler for me.

My Coworkers  //  I’ve had so many people ask me how I’m doing on the daily. And there are so many women, so many mothers, who have been so incredibly supportive. Not really offering advice, ’cause let’s face it — there’s nothing a pregnant woman loves less than advice — they’ve just been consoling, comforting, and a shoulder for me to cry on.

So yeah. This quote. I’ve gotta remember this. I can’t change my situation; I’m simply waiting for the situation to change in my favor. Thank you to everyone who is respecting where I am. I’m going to use what I have (and that’s my resources — YOU!). And just know that I’m doing what I can. ♥ And I will forever be grateful for my village.

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Camille Nones August 3, 2015 at 11:40 am

I hope everything would be better soon. It’s good to know that there are a lot of people supporting you at this time. I’m sure everything would be okay. Thank you for sharing this.


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