Oh hey, it’s a week later already. Short work weeks don’t equate to long blog weeks, that’s for sure. Cause I haven’t even had a chance to TALK about our Memorial Day Weekend, let alone sit down and write about it.

Saturday  //

So those big plans I had to go to yoga, Crafty Mart at Thirsty Dog, and a pool party? Well the idea of over booking my planner kind of over loaded my brain. Seriously. I skipped EVERYTHING. Well, except the pool party and cookout with my sister.

Moosh hasn’t been swimming in ages. And last time he went, he was skeptical, to say the very least. But we told him we were going to go swimming and so he wouldn’t stop saying “I wanna go swimming, Mommy!” And like all things a toddler learns to say, he repeated this over and over and over again. I thought once he saw the pool he would remember how much anxiety the water gave him.

But nope. Dude wanted to swim. And he did. And he wanted to splash. And he did that too. A lot. Oh, silly butt Moosh.

We also cooked out and ate delicious food with my sister and brother in law. It was the perfect day, except for the fact that Moosh didn’t nap except for our 30 minute drive home (maybe 40 minutes considering I made Chad stop at Grandpa’s Cheesebarn on the way home!).

A no-nap toddler is the exact kind of thing that will make a Saturday evening exhausting. Early bed times for all!

Sunday  //

We slept and slept and slept, friends. It was glorious. We had to wake Moosh up so that we could get him ready for our adventures that day. I know, parent-friends… I know you’re jealous that we have to wake our toddler up after 12+ hours of sleep a night. Sorry (but really, sorry not sorry).

We spent another day with my sister and brother-in-law. This time at the Marc’s Great American Rib Cook-Off and Music Festival at Jacob’s Pavilion, downtown CLE! The plan was to arrive at the festival just after they opened at noon for two reasons: 1. To beat the crowds & heat; 2. To buy time from a potential no-nap crazy-baby. Mission accomplished! We arrived just as they were opening the gates.

The great thing about so many of these festivals in Northeast Ohio is that they are affordable and relatively easy to get to. Parking was a breeze (holla! $5 parking a block away!), even on a day when both the Indians were playing and the Cavs were playing in a home playoff game! There were concerns about the safety thanks to the #BreloVerdict coming down the day before; but honestly, I think the media was trying to turn the demonstrations into more than what they were. When we arrived downtown it was clear we had nothing to worry about (another reason CLE/Northeast Ohio is a great place to live).

Anyways… back to ribs. 🙂

It was seriously empty when we arrived. We were able to make a full lap around the festival, planning our ‘attack’ on the barbeque! Moosh was a champ while we ate. Of course, we kept him distracted with baked beans (dude LOVES baked beans). We split a lot of food with my sister and BIL, which meant we were able to try a lot of different vendors.

All of them were delicious (including the ice cream waffle sandwich and the funnel cake (Mooshies first!). As you can guess, we were a no-nap family yet again. Even after getting to (and leaving from) the rib cook-off early, he still refused to nap. That’s a major parenting UGH, friends. So another early bedtime was in store. For sure.

Monday  //

We slept in again. Hooray for sleeping in! We had pretty much ZERO plans for our Memorial Day. Thank goodness! Shortly after we woke up Moosh and I went running (you’ll remember this post here about our experience) and then we got coffee and kombucha (thanks, Bearded Buch!) from Scribbles in Kent! I’ve been meaning to stop in to Scribbles since I tasted their cold brew at Crafty Mart a couple of months ago. And I finally got to go and sip some delicious cold coffee again. Ha!

After our running/coffee date, we picked up Chad and went to ChickFilA for a quick lunch (you know, because that makes sense after a run. Ha! Oops.). Follow up with watching the Cavs basketball game? And call that a successful Monday. For serious. It may sound boring, but it’s perfection to our teeny family. 🙂

However, things took an ugly turn when we put Moosh to bed. He was awake and coughing. And I was listening to him on the monitor, convinced he would stop and fall asleep. But he didn’t. He just kept coughing. So we had to bring him into bed with us. It was… rough, to say the least. It was ROUGH. He finally fell asleep around 3:00 am. And I finally fell asleep around 5:30 am.

Sure, it didn’t end the way I intended it to; but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. ♥♥♥

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