our love story // and a happy birthday, to my love.

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Today’s originally scheduled blog post has been put on hold until tomorrow. Because today is an incredibly special day. Today is Chad’s 40th birthday. And I have been able to spend 7 of those amazing years by his side.

And I realize that I’ve only been a part of Chad’s life for a portion of it, but I’d like to think that the time we’ve spent together has been the most rewarding.

My husband? He has accomplished to much. Prior to us dating, he was already a homeowner and well-established in his career. But he’s so much more than “well-established.” He is a man. A man like I had never met or known before. I met a gentle, a kind, a funny, and a caring man. And I fell in love.

I’m not certain if I have ever shared the story of how I fell in love with Chad, but I think it’s about time.

Chad + I grew up in the same hometown. We graduated from the same high school — just several years apart (cough-cough — ten). We met briefly after I graduated (I graduated with his middle sister). We laughed and had fun at a party and went our separate ways. He had a girlfriend (also a friend and fellow classmate of mine) at the time and I went back to college. We reconnected many years later, thanks to the wonders of Facebook reconnecting people (this was in the “old days” of FB! Ha!).

He swept me off my feet. Before we went on our first, after many calls, texts, and emails, I proclaimed to a co-worker/friend “I’m going to marry this guy.” I knew I had met my match. And we’ve been together ever since. We’ve had so many adventures together. After lots of travelling we finally settled into a family of three.

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