OK, friends. It’s time to get real. I’m currently signed up for the Cleveland Half Marathon, which is this Sunday morning…

… and I have NOT properly trained. At least not as of recent.

As of recent my training runs have been short. Like at most, 4 miles. Even though I was regularly running 10+ just a few short months ago in preparation for the Pittsburgh Marathon (before I decided not to run it at all), I’m now on the lower mileage side of things.

And I’m torn on what I should do this weekend. Realistically, a  10-k is totally doable. In my dreams, I’ll be able to power through 13.1 miles without the pressure of finishing within a certain time.

So I’m seriously considering dropping to the 10k at packet pickup this weekend. But I’m also looking for advice. Should I TRY for the half marathon? With little-to-no expectations in regards to time and outcome? I can run, walk, and practically crawl my way to the finish, right?

Please weigh in. Looking for your advice and input, runner friends!!

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