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When we were prepping for Ari’s arrival some 3 years ago, we decided to turn our upstairs spare bedroom — the room right across the hall from us — into his nursery.

We painted, we prepped, we crafted, and we put all of the furniture together. Well, the best laid plans, friends. Cause we used the nursery for all of about 2 months (and those weren’t even the first months of his life) before we decided that his room really should be in the downstairs bedroom. It mostly had to do with it being a room with more airflow — cooler in the summer and easier to keep warm in the winter.

All of the decor and effort I put into his nursery? Well it’s all still in that room. Nothing other than furniture was moved down to his new room. And none of the things I crafted match the new room at all. Not even in the slightest.

So I’ve been slowly but surely making his new(ish) room his own. Ari is actually still sleeping in his crib (cause he hasn’t figured out he can climb out yet!), so the day he realizes he can get out of his crib is the day we officially ‘transition’ his baby room to a big boy room!

I’ve slowly been creating a more toddler themed room. And although I’ve jumped back and forth between Ari’s two favorite themes — choo choo trains and pirates — we’ve decided to stick to what he loves most: trains and transportation! Ha! Well, specifically trains. But this kid loves all forms of transportation. Seriously.

 And what better time to make a change to his bedding than when we’re transitioning him to a big boy toddler bed??!! I know I won’t be able to avoid Thomas 100%, but having some train-neutral sheets and blankets would be awesome!

For me the one thing that really makes a room special are all of the little things, those special touches, that bring a room together. First up, I looked at some personalized gifts from! Their line of art prints, many of which are customizable, are adorable.

What better way to go with the train & transportation theme than a personalized door sign!

ari express
It’s going to be difficult to pick just one or two as a central piece of art for his new room! In addition to the personalized art, has adorable home decor prints. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t start planning other projects for around the house just so I can incorporate more art!

Adding other “pieces” in to round out the theme will be fun. I’m hoping to be able to locate some old street signs from one of the unique little shops we have around here!

The key to doing all of this is doing with an element of “surprise” for Ari. I just need ONE weekend away (hint, hint, Mimi and Poppy!) and I’m certain I’ll be able to get it all done!



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