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Easter in our house is a touchy subject. First of all, we don’t really *do* Easter. I mean, we do; we just don’t the church part. Because — surprise — we’re not churchy people. [PS. Let’s not get into the thick of it. It’s OK if you are; we just aren’t.] Also? Moosh has an egg allergy that definitely puts a damper on Easter related crafts. Dying hard-boiled eggs? That’s scary stuff ’round these parts.

So we found alternative “craffs,” as Moosh likes to call them, to do in our house. Turns out, this kid loves to help bake vegan sugar cookies. Luckily we have an egg cookie cutter and sprinkles. Which is all this kid needed to hold his attention.

PS. These sprinkles ended up ALL OVER the floor about 3 minutes after this photo was taken. Many bloggers wouldn’t be honest about this, but real life happens, y’all. And real life means thousands or sprinkles all over your kitchen floor. (Also? These cookies are incredible.)

I also found other inexpensive things to “craft” (thanks, Target!). Not excluding those silly little capsule-to-sponge animal thingys. We decided to try this “craft” (I’m using the term “craft” lightly here. ‘Cause let’s be real — this wasn’t truly a craft. It was a [welcomed] distraction).

He loved every second of it — which turns out to be lots of seconds. That warm water you’re supposed to use? Well, it doesn’t work. You need scalding hot water. Also? Every single one of these little sponges was affectionately named “Nemo.” Ha!

Our other go-to Easter craft is painting pottery. We are lucky to have not one, but TWO, paint your own pottery studios in close proximity to us.

We painted a LOT of pottery, friends. A lot. See those globs of paint? They do no justice to the actual globs of paint that were used during this paint sesh! 🙂

Besides that Choo Choo Train bank we also painted 2 eggs and a fish. Also named Nemo. Sigh. This kid watches Finding Nemo once and every sea creature is now named Nemo…

So, no, we haven’t seen the Easter bunny (yet). No, we haven’t dyed eggs. But we have celebrated in our own way. And that’s all that matters! 🙂

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