It’s hard to believe that we have been together for 6 and a half years. Honestly? Our three year wedding anniversary is JUST THAT. The anniversary of our vows. But we’ve been exclusively, wholeheartedly, together for six and a half years.

At the last minute, we decided to call a friend to see if she would be willing to babysit Moosh. If not, no big; but to our surprise (and excitement) she was available for a babysitting/playdate sesh! Before Steph, our friend and sitter came by, Chad came home with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers I have ever seen.

My heart was in awe of these flowers. For the first time in my life I was sad that flowers wouldn’t last forever. Because these flowers were so gorgeous that they were meant to last forever.

Then on to dinner… It’s rare that Chad and I get a dinner out without a toddler. When we left the house we reminded each other “OK, remember — EAT SLOW; CHEW YOUR FOOD; RELAX.”

It’s harder than one might think. To be honest, sometimes the best way to feel like I’m having a “child-free” moment is with an adult beverage. And what better beverage to have than a marg from Nuevo, the local Modern Mex restaurant in Akron? They make everything from scratch — even the juice for their awesome (and often spicy) margaritas!?

We are so pathetic. We were so excited for our big night out that we knew pretty much exactly what we wanted by the time we arrived. The margarita came and we were ready to order.

First up, guacamole. Chad makes a mean guacamole, so when we go out and order it, I want something fun and different. So we ordered the White Bean, Rosemary, and Garlic guac.

Chad was nervous that the guac would be too “beany”… I think that’s a term he actually used. Actually, I lie. He was worried about that. But I made up the term “beany.” It wasn’t. It was delicious. The perfect flavor combinations of avocados and other veggies. My preference with guacamole is a bit of spice, via jalapeños. This guac did NOT disappoint!

My entrée order was no surprise to my husband… that’s the beauty of being together for so long. He looked at the menu and knew EXACTLY what I was going to order — the Smoked Pork Poutine Tacos — House Smoked Pork Shoulder, Pickled Veggies, Root Fries, Queso, and Pork Gravy!

Everything was perfect. The pork, the beans, the rice, the guac, and the margs! Everything. was. DELICIOUS.

Like I said, we tried to eat slow; but we knew what we wanted before we even arrived. So our dinner was complete within like 45 minutes of arrival. We looked at one another like, “Umm, now what?” We didn’t want to go home right away; but we didn’t have much else going on. So, don’t judge us, we went to the local Market District for Gelato. YEP. We went to a GROCERY STORE for gelato. That is a big fat suburban win, folks. Ha.

We were home within 2 hours of leaving for our date — and we were totally taking our time. Pathetic, but I love it — because we were able to make it home in time to not only put Moosh to bed, but to give him some gelato before he went to sleep. Ha!

All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better evening with my better half. <3


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