how we survived teething // amber teething necklace review

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By this point we all know that our little family of three is fairly crunchy-granola. Yep. We believe in holistic remedies and minimal use of traditional medicine. We did the whole baby-led weaning thing; we puréed baby food; we co-slept in the same room for the first 9-months; and, yeah, we kind of do that whole composting thing.

From an early age, we used a baltic amber teething necklace from KG Baby. Moosh (who we affectionately referred to as #BabyAri, back in the day), was a late bloomer with the teeth-poppin’! But we put that necklace on him early.

We did our research: the baltic amber against the natural body temperature of the baby is known to promote healing and act as a natural anti-inflammatory. These properties can be helpful to reduce pain and prevent all of that unnecessary drooling. Bonus? Prevention of all of that teething pain!

Moosh has been wearing his necklace since before he could crawl. And when his teeth started to come in (which was definitely late), it was… painless. At least for us. I can’t speak for Moosh, but it was easy peasy on this end.

Well, nearly easy-peasy! Only once did we have a “OMG THIS is teething.” moment. It was awful; but it was very short-lived. We had a couple of days of fuss and fever. I honestly think we got off easy with the teething drama, thanks in large part to the amber teething necklace.

What are some tricks you can give other moms of teething babies!? 🙂


Disclosure: I was selected to receive a KG Baby Baltic Amber Teething necklace for my honest opinion and review of this product (however, I also already had one). The content and opinions expressed here are all my own. Thank you to KG Baby for sponsoring this post.

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