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Valentine’s Day takes on a much different feel when you are a busy parent. To be honest, Valentine’s Day is, and always has been, just another day. It’s especially easy to see it this way as a parent. Which is why this year it’s extra important to me to at least make this day a little bit special. It’s way too easy to get wrapped up in everyday life.

Here are 5 budget friendly Valentine’s Day date ideas with parents in mind:

1. Movie Date Night In. Put a firm time on the kids’ bedtimes for just this one night. Make it non-negotiable. Rent a Redbox movie and some popcorn from the local theater (you heard me — go into the theater just to get popcorn! Sure this seems silly; but it will make your at-home date feel a little bit more like an actual date); pick up your favorite fizzy beverage at the grocery store and head home for a movie-theater-esque date!

Honestly, we try and do this on the regular. We are both huge movie buffs and the addition of actual movie theater popcorn really make these nights feel more like dates. We used to go to the movies at least once a week; but since Ari was born we rarely make it.

2. Game Night. In fact, have a couple of friends that are new parents? Invite them over, too! Chances are there Valentine’s Day is going to be even more low-key than yours is planned to be. You can keep that tiny baby entertained while everyone plays a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity.

We very rarely have a chance to sit down and have fun together at home. When we’re home there’s always something that needs to be done; something that needs to be tended to; a child that needs your attention. Set it all aside for game night. Laugh with your spouse and your friends.

3. Canvas painting and wine session! One of my favorite things to do is go to wine and canvas painting classes. But those: 1. pricey; and 2. require a sitter. So create your own at home! All you need is a vision (which you can find instructional painting videos on YouTube), two canvases, some paint, and a bottle of wine. After the kids go to bed, you have your own studio set up!

4. Have an old-school video game match. Think Nintendo 64’s Wave Race or Mario Kart. Or even a Just Dance match! It’s a great way to challenge your spouse in a little friendly competition.

5. Cook a meal together and have a romantic late-night dinner. With intention. That’s the key. I don’t mean just cook dinner; cause as a busy parent that really just means rushing to feed your kid in the evening. Feed your kids, obviously; but after the kids are asleep, actually cook together — with purpose. Then, enjoy your delicious creation with a little living room floor picnic. No cell phones; no TV; no distractions. Just conversation and a good meal.

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