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In our house, we are always looking for new ways to get healthy, sustainable, protein and nutrient-packed superfoods in our diet. We eat chia seeds by the spoonful. Seriously.

Fueling our bodies for workouts (and just fueling for the day, in general) is majorly important. I’m learning this is especially important during marathon training. Yikes!

Enter Manitoba Harvest, the worlds largest hemp food manufacturer. They have a very small-business, farm-to-table sort of feel about them (which is very clear from their website, mission and values). There business isn’t just about a product; it’s about a philosophy of living healthy and promoting health and wellness.

My first reaction was that the texture was a lot like quinoa. I decided to throw it on top of some salad I brought to work for lunch. When I went to eat it, I mixed up my salad and I could no longer even see the hemp hearts in my salad. Which, let’s face it — when it comes to supplementing your food with nutrients, sometimes less is more as far as flavor!

All of the nutritional goodies just by eating what I normally would eat! Yum-O! Perfection all around! And I’ve been incorporating it into my diet ever since.

Here are some fun facts from the Manitoba Harvest website:

Hemp seed naturally does not contain gluten. However, only one barley or wheat kernel amongst 50,000 hemp seed can potentially result in a positive test for gluten.

Instead of stating our products are gluten-free (which implies an absolute), you will see the following on our packages instead: 


All Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods’ products are Non-GMO Project Verified.

Our products proudly do NOT contain additives or preservatives. It is absolutely crucial that packaging be light and air impermeable to protect hemp’s precious omegas and keep the product as fresh as possible.

We try to find the most sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging option that allows for Hemp Hearts and our hemp protein powders to still be protected. We choose pouches because over their lifecycle have 1/10th the impact of plastic canisters and although they are not recyclable, they can still be re-used numerous times.

You will also find that we do NOT include a plastic scoop in our packaging. Not only does everyone have a spoon at home, but we also wanted to reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating extra plastic in the environment. 

And now for the fun part — one of my readers will win a package of Hemp Hearts to try out for themselves! Use the rafflecopter widget below to enter!

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