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This particular week in January always seems to rock my world. Even after 24-years — even after thinking that I’ve completely grieved — it still manages to rock me. So I’ve had a bit of an off week in an already “off” month. Blahhh.

But today is Friday, my day off. And as a bonus? I have a three-day weekend. I totally forgot I scheduled a vacation day for Saturday! Hooray for surprise three-day weekends!

So to get the ball rolling on a long weekend, I went to a 6:30 am yoga class. Because of COURSE I won’t actually sleep in on my day off. I only want to sleep in on workdays! Ha! Christina kicked my butt and it was exactly what I needed to start the weekend.

And now we’re off to a pediatric orthopedist for Ari. Yep. No big deal (I hope), but he has a bit of an issue with “in-toeing.” We’ll see what the doctors say, but I know he’s in good hands and that it’s better to get it looked at sooner than later! The realist in me is totally playing this off, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that that it makes me a teeny bit nervous as a mom. Eek!

But post-doctor we have a LOT of fun planned. A playdate, a run on the indoor track at the gym, and perhaps even a nap. That’s right y’all, a nap! Just over here livin’ the dream! Ha!

In all seriousness, I think I need this three-day weekend in a major way. Husband time + Ari time + time alone = what should be the picture of perfection!

Why are you grateful for this weekend? 

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Dawn January 23, 2015 at 3:24 pm

That nap is livin’ my dream, let me tell you. Grateful for this weekend? T is going to do a little tune up on my car because it’s been “feeling off” to me (I’m so helpful with the technical stuff, huh?), so I”m grateful for a husband with the necessary skills and willingness to take care of that. It’s supposed to be pretty rainy and blah here this weekend, so I am grateful for the “excuse” to cozy up in the house and read, catch up on Parenthood…take a nap… 😉


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