a much needed girls night // wine + canvas

January 27, 2015 in Akron,creative,explore locally,friends,fun,girls nite

Yesterday was downright awful in most ways. I was up all night Sunday with a stomach thing, courtesy of a gone-bad batch of sour cream (ugh). And then I spent the whole day with the bathroom door open + a toddler that kept yelling “Mommy – Osckie messy!” about the dog as I was incapacitated in the bathroom. (False alarm – the dog was fine. Turns out ‘Oscar messy’ meant that Ari just wanted to ‘clean’ Oscar with baby wipes. But there was definitely a moment of panic from the bathroom when I thought all hell had broken loose.)

Turns out all hell broke loose later. I had paid & registered for a local Wine + Canvas event, but I was feeling downright awful Monday morning. They require 48-hours advance notice for cancellations. So I went. But when I left the house (determined not to get sick), I got a flat tire. Like, right away. Insert major frowny face. I’m so over my car right now. Ugh.

I ended up taking Chad’s car to the wine + canvas event, but it put a serious damper on my evening.

 … and then I made a pretty picture.

I called my friend Cristin when I was running late and I asked her to please order me a glass of much-needed wine. The end result was this painting. I honestly couldn’t remember what painting we exactly agreed to paint, but I didn’t care at that point. It was a wonderful release. <3

So yeah, today I’ll be spending approximately $800 on tires; but ya know what? my husband + my friends rock in a major way. And so does being crafty. That is all, y’all. Happy Tuesday… cause it’s not Monday.

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Camille Nones January 30, 2015 at 4:34 pm

Yes. It sounds like a bit of a bad day. Having flat tire is such a huge bummer. Good thing everything turned out well. I hope you’re feeling better now, too. By the way, that is an awesome painting, looks so mysterious yet so refreshing. i hope that makes sense. lol. Great post!


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