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December 23, 2014 in gift,goodies,holidays,lists,love list

Ok, so truly I will be happy just to have Moosh and Chad open their gifts on Christmas day. Buuuuut if I had to take a look at my running ‘wishlist’ of items (let’s be real — we all have a list like this), it would include the following:


  1. Mini Crock Pot. Because you bring your food to work and COOK IT WHILE YOU WORK!!?? Say whaaaat? Awesomesauce. That’s what.
  2. Alex + Ani OM bracelet. My husband bought me a tree of life bracelet a few years back and I love it. I want to wear just bunches of their wire bracelets. That’s my goal. (It’s the small things, y’all.)
  3. A Target Gift Card. But let’s face it, I’d spend it all on Moosh. #RealTalk
  4. A new pair of running shoes. Specifically the Mizuno Wave Rider 16‘s. Because these shoes are my everything when it comes to running without injury (ie. without stress fracture pain from my legs). And I’m going to need some new ones when I start marathon training next week! Eek!
  5. Yoga Bliss Gift Card. To be used on copious amounts of restorative yoga (and I’m sure some hot yoga, too. Let’s face it — I can’t stay away from a good ass-kicking workout.)
  6. A Lululemon Gift Card. I almost always run in long pants, but my goal for the marathon next year is to run in short shorts. Because 26.2 miles in long pants? No. And I’d like a GOOD pair of running shorts. But I’m too cheap to buy them myself. Ha.
  7. The entire Starbucks Dot Collection. But if I had to choose just one tumbler, it would be this one. Adorable gold dotted, caffeinated heaven.
  8. Serevina Carry All from Athleta. Is it a gym bag? Is it a purse? For me it would be both.
  9. TOMS. I have 6 pairs of TOMS, and all have been worn to hell and back. I really, really, wear my TOMS. And I wear them out. So this pretty pair would be the perfect next pair to wear out. Ha!

Again, really what I want is just to spend my day watching Moosh play with his new toys and his eyes light up when he sees that Santa has brought him presents (despite his recent naughty streak that consists mostly of climbing presents to try and reach the top of our small tree — or really to reach the ornamemnts that are out of reach…)

What are some items, Christmas or not, that you have on your Wishlist!?

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Kayla December 23, 2014 at 9:23 am

I have to second this Christmas wish list. I want everything on it too. 🙂


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