[I feel the need to preface this post with two things: 1. Sorry for all the pictures; 2. Sorry all the pictures are of crappy quality. I’m tired]

Thank you to everyone who checked in with me over the last week or two. It’s been a rough couple of weeks, but I’m feeling so much better about everything since the holiday. <3

Wednesday when I (finally) got off of work, I came home to just relax. As I mentioned before, we cancelled our Thanksgiving plans to stay home. It was the first time in the seven years that Chad and I have been together that we have spent Thanksgiving alone. Well, alone meaning me + him + Moosh.

So we slept in until Moosh woke up on Thursday. And then we watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in our giant king sized bed (PS. it’s been a while since I’ve mentioned how much I LOVE our Sleep Number bed…. but it’s true. I love it so much). Moosh was completely entranced by the floats and characters.

Especially when Thomas the Tank Engine appeared around the corner. Just “CHOO CHOO! CHOO CHOOOOO!” nonstop. Freaking. Adorable.

We spent the rest of the morning lounging around. Literally. Parade + Ho Ho movies (which means Frozen + Saving Santa + Curious George Christmas) and spending time in our PJs. Perfection. No where to go; no where to be; nothing to do! Fantastic.We just cooked. Let’s be real. I didn’t cook. I just cleaned the green beans. Oh and I cleaned up after the real cook! Ha!

Our dinner was delicious. Chad made the turkey with the sous-vide. The mashed potatoes? Not potatoes at all… mashed cauliflower! Amazing cranberries & green beans. Oh. My. GOSH. So delicious.

Because our Thanksgiving was kind of last-minute, I didn’t plan for dessert. I ended up picking up a pie from The Blue Door Café. A delicious pumpkin pie with molasses crust!

It was incredible. After dinner when we were all struggling to stay out of a food coma, I decided to brave the Thanksgiving shopper crowds. First at Toys R Us, then at Target. I know, I know… I’m crazy. Luckily I wasn’t after any big items. Just some toddler toys for Moosh.

And honestly I had the BEST shopping experience ever. I usually hate going to Toys R Us. But, for whatever reason, the employees were incredibly helpful AND happy. I was in and out in no time at all!

And then… Target. I found my favorite Target pharmacist in the toy section just there to help out! Truth: The Target Pharmacy has the least convenient hours of any pharmacy ever; But they also have the most friendly and helpful pharmacists of all time. So I always go there for our prescriptions. And they make an effort to say hello when they see me outside of the pharmacy. Seeing a friendly face almost made the 30-minute wait to check out bearable. But in truth, I had no where else to be and I wasn’t in any sort of hurry. The most painful part of the line was the 20-something dude in front of me that commented on EVERY SINGLE ITEM he found in the aisles about how it “was on sale! Better buy it!” as he stood with his XBOX one game. I almost punched him in his childless, XBOX one playing face.

It’s hard to believe we packed that must awesome into one day. But we did. On Friday all I wanted to do was sleep in, but I was awake by 7AM. I almost crawled back into bed, but decided that since I was up, I had no excuse not to make it to a free yoga class at Lululemon. I’m so glad I went. It was just what my body (and my mind!) needed. Much love to Gretchen and the Lululemon crew for the amazing post-Thanksgiving burn!

In addition to the yoga, we went to the gym on Friday (while everyone else was busy working/shopping), and I went for a nice 3-mile run! It was a lovely day… minus the fact that Ari’s nasty cough came back and we had to use his nebulizer (his “Pup-pppeeee”). He’s become quite a champ at holding it himself.

We were all so exhausted by Friday evening that I ended up falling asleep before 8:30. Ha. But I had to get into work Saturday morning. (Yuck)

Luckily Saturday flew by. I came home to a happy baby and happy husband. Moosh and I played. And then the mister and I had an at-home date night, complete with red wine, The Maze Runner movie, and LOTS of cheese.

It was perfection. Complete perfection.

And Sunday was equally was awesome. We slept in until Moosh woke us up with his “Mommy??” over the monitor. And then we did more snuggling in bed while we watched Super Why.

This kid makes me SO happy! I was also lucky enough to meet up with my running partner for a nice 5 mile run on the towpath followed by an adventure with Moosh at Crafty Mart in Akron where we met up with Gretchen and her two boys!

Such a perfect perfect holiday. <3


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