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This past week has been one of the most challenging weeks of my life (for reasons I’d prefer to not get in to). But this weekend something magical happened. I SURVIVED. Okay. So that may seem dramatic; but it’s true.

Friday Moosh and I had a playdate; but before we made it to our playdate we had errands to run and running to, well, run. So off to the gym we went! I better get used to that indoor track, because I have a LOT of miles to put in for training on that track.

Our playdate was fantastic. Moosh got to catch up with an “old friend,” while I caught up with her mommy, Emily! (We were in Bradley Method classes together and she happens to live just down the street). The rest of the day was spent in survival mode.

And playing with trains. Obviously. Because that’s what having a toddler boy entails. Oh, and putting your cereal/snack in the trains and “driving” them all over the house. Real life, folks.

Saturday was business as usual. Which literally means business. Playing for Moosh. And more survival mode for me.

But Sunday was an entirely different story. Even though Moosh went to bed SUPER late Saturday night, he still ended up waking up at 6 AM Sunday (totally unlike him) screaming “MOMMY!!” at the top of his lungs. Totally, totally bizarre. So I brought him into bed with me for some extra snuggle (and hopefully sleep?) time. Which was totally cute. He lied down on my pillow and made me snuggle him close; he grabbed my face so it was against his; and it melted my heart.

… until he decided to leap off of the bed. Seriously. We have co-slept before and NEVER has he fallen off the bed. He was OK, just a bit shaken up. He told me he was scared (how freaking adorable).

So yeah. I ended up missing my group run(s). But it was worth it because it meant snuggle time with Moosh. And any day without an alarm is a good day. Even if that means being awoken by a screaming toddler.

Post-snuggling/falling off the bed, Moosh and I headed to the Cleveland Flea Holiday Market. I know I’ve talked about #TheFlea before, but this is NOT your moms flea market. No, no, no. It’s serious hipster business. And Moosh fits in like a boss. I’m fairly certain he was the only 2 year old in a baby-carrier (cause he still fits) wearing a fox hat.

(Clockwise from upper left:
Me + Moosh before entering the flea [camera angle = looks like I have no hair];
ReTread Akron booth;
Bottle House Brewery pour station;
wreath made of pages from books)

Moosh-wearing was fine by me because: 1.) It means serious snuggle time with him; 2.) It means I don’t have to chase him around a crowded market.

winterflea1 (Clockwise from upper left:
Moosh picking out his favorite hand-knit scarf;
the cutest vintage Christmas PJs;
calendars + notebooks from Letterpress Jess;
Paper Cutz booth;
CLE Bunting; Brewnuts;
vintage ornaments [of which Moosh thought he had to have all of];
and the agrarian collective booth.)
cleflea (Clockwise from upper left:
DJ Genna P at the entrance of the Flea;
vintage Christmas knick knacks;
pastel trees;
Masons Creamery + Philomena Bake Shop;
1960s creepy faced ornaments;
the agrarian collective mistletoe;
book page cards + Christmas tree;
felt flower bouquets)
It was the perfect afternoon of fun. We walked away with full bellies, full hearts, lots of hugs with vendor friends, and a few Christmas presents! Success!

When we (finally) made it home, Moosh went down for a nap-ish… That really means he talked to his toys in his crib. Ha. I happened to sneak in an unexpected run. I wasn’t going to go for a run, but decided at the last minute. It must have been perfect timing because as soon as I started I, quite literally, RAN into my friend Emily (THE Emily of Friday’s play date)! I so needed to run into her because she motivated me on a rather lackluster afternoon. I finished out her run with her and kept on going. Exactly what I needed at exactly the right time!


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