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November 6, 2014 in Columbus,family,fun,mommyhood,pictures,weddings

Hey guess what? It’s been a WHOLE MONTH since my baby sister got married. And it means it’s been like a full month since I blogged. Buuut I’m getting back to it!


Well, Moosh failed to fall asleep before the ceremony. Which means a 3-hour nap a day toddler was running on little sleep and no nap that day or the day before. We were lucky to have gotten him in a tux, let alone to walk down the aisle. But his mood completely changed when he saw we were riding in the trolley to the ceremony (I’m fairly certain he thought it was a choo-choo. Whatevs, kid. It worked.)

Moosh was supposed to walk down the aisle with Jimmy’s nephew, who is a couple of years older. Moosh and Colton were supposed to walk right in front of me. They both started down the aisle, and Moosh turned right around and came running back to me! At which point Colton turned around and said “Come on!” in a semi-hushed but totally audible tone (adorable). He started to follow Colton again before turning around and running back to me. I ended up carrying him down the aisle before meeting the Best Man and handing Moosh off to Chad! Ha! I haven’t seen any pictures of this ‘exchange’ yet, but I can’t wait to finally see them! They are probably SO funny!

Post-ceremony we all piled back onto the trolley to head out for pictures! Thank goodness my aunts volunteered to hang with Ari in the hotel so he could try and get some sleep. He ended up getting a 45-minute or so nap while Chad & I went with the crew for pictures! Champagne toasts the whole way to pictures on the trolley! Which really helped because it was freeeeeezing out!

Chad was able to snap some candids of us while the actual photographer worked some magic. The couple of pictures that I’ve seen from the photographer are so incredible. I can’t wait to see more! (In the meantime, just deal with my crappy phone pictures).

After we snapped some pictures, we hopped back on to the trolley and headed to the reception at Dock 580.  Dock 580 is this incredible warehouse space turned-venue located in downtown Columbus. Keeping with the Columbus-centric theme, they served beer from Columbus Brewing Company (Bodhi Double IPA) straight out of growlers from their local growler joint – The Daily Growler!

Ari kinda crashed the first dance (surprise, surprise). And my sister and my dad had the CUTEST first dance ever. Seriously. Makes me (almost) wish I had a big wedding. Ha.

reception4   reception3

My dad is so crafty — he made the S + J marquee lights. Seriously. So awesome!

Ya know what wasn’t awesome? My MOH speech. For serious. I didn’t even write a single word down. Ha. Mistake. Cause the best man is also a standup comedian. Like legit. A standup comedian. Yayyy for MOH fail. 🙂

The dessert table was the BOMB. Italian cookies, candies, and pies! Extra awesome bonus? Jeni’s Ice Cream! Oh my YUM.

dessert2 desserts
The end of the night send off was lit with giant sparklers! For real GIANT sparklers! It was a fantastic night. So much fun. If Chad & I had a ‘real’ wedding, I would imagine it to be like this night.

Sidenote: No-nap toddlers look like this. Ugh. It took about a week to get us all back to a normal schedule. Looking back it’s hard to believe this was already a month ago. I’m so happy these two lovebirds are married! <3


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