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November 11, 2014 in #GetFit,fitness,goals,health,life,marathon training,running,yoga

Confession: I’ve been majorly, majorly, slacking since the Akron Half Marathon. I needed a break. I needed to stop training and I needed to workout when I wanted to work out — not when I “had” to work out.

Buuuuuut … that’s finally taking a toll on me. I’ve been running a few miles here and there, but I just hopped back on the fitness wagon again in a for-real kind of way.

It’s amazing how taking small steps can make a huge impact on how you feel, like going to the gym and forcing yourself to workout or run… which I’ve done several times in the last week. Extra bonus? Forcing myself to take a restorative yoga class when the type-A side of me (which is most of me), thinks I “must” take a hot power class. That restorative class was JUST what I needed!

Updated Fitness Goals:

  • Finish a full marathon. I’m officially signed up for the Pittsburgh Marathon in May 2015! That’s insane!!
  • Be a cross-training fool. Weight lifting, elliptical, etc. MUST dos!
  • Get back to clean eating ALL of the time. Post-half I started slacking in a major way. I’m not eating terribly, but I certainly haven’t been eating consciously.
  • Do yoga. Lots of yoga. And don’t underestimate the value of restorative yoga. Do lots of restorative yoga!
  • Try crossfit. Even if it’s just once. I’d love to know if I like it or hate it. But I’m nervous that if I like it, I’ll love it.

My goals are simple… ish. Simplistic, yes. But that marathon?? NOT going to be simple! Luckily I have a great team on my side — a husband who will support me while I train and a friend who promises to pace me during the race! 🙂 What more could a first time marathoner ask for?? [cough-cough — perhaps a warm winter for training?? OK, now I’m just being picky.]

Have any marathon training tips? Or crossfit tips? Or clean recipes?? Please share!! 

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Nichole November 12, 2014 at 12:09 pm

So excited for you, Rachel! Just finished my first full a few weeks ago in Columbus. Fret a couple of painful halfs, I thought this would be impossible, but I made it! I followed a 3 runs per week training program, which was awesome for my injury-prone legs. I just had to comment because I think you are on exactly the right track with the yoga and crossfit components of your training. I’m convinced that the crossfit lifting I was doing and the yoga was what helped me cross th finish line. Stick with it! I promise it will be worth it!!!


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