Life since my little sisters wedding a couple of weeks ago (and my 30th birthday the day after) have been craaaa-zeeeee! I’ve had several blog posts about her wedding festivities half-written in draft form. But I just haven’t had the energy to finish them.

Life over the last week alone has been exhausting! Illness after illness after illness has hit our family in one way, shape, or form. If it isn’t us, it’s our sitters family. But this week I really took things in stride. There are things that happen that are beyond our control (ie: everything).

For instance, Moosh started coughing like crazy late Sunday afternoon. It came out of nowhere. Like, really, no where. He was fine. And then he wasn’t. He was coughing up a storm and screaming bloody murder. He was so inconsolable and I was so worried that I called my neighbor to come check on us. Chad wasn’t home and I didn’t know if I was freaking out for nothing. It turns out they did think there was reason for concern, but nothing that couldn’t wait until the morning. So first thing Monday morning our pediatrician got a call. And we had an immediate appointment. Followed up by a nebulizer for daily breathing treatments. 🙁 Bummer? Yes. But it totally helped him. Even if we did spend 2.5 plus hours waiting for the nebulizer prescription to be filled. (PS. Cranky, sick baby + 2.5 hours in a waiting room full of old people and medical equipment = almost my worst nightmare — it could have been worse, y’all. He could have been throwing up.).

The rest of the week was just normal. Prepping for Ari’s big 2nd birthday, which was Thursday. And then, like clockwork, I got a call while getting ready for work Thursday morning. Our sitters 2 year old son was throwing up. 🙁 Bummer? Yes. But? That meant that I spent his whole birthday with him!

By the time the mister got home from work, the presents were wrapped and the festivities were set to begin! He loved his cake and his presents, but I’m not 100% certain he knew what was going on. But he DID know what to do with wrapped presents!! Finally!!

The next day was my normal day off from work. So Moosh and I slept in and then went to a local pumpkin patch for a hayride and pumpkin picking. It was hard to get him away from the other activities to actually pick out a pumpkin.

And when we finally did, he picked out a pumpkin that the dude decided not to even charge us for — he said it would rot within a week. Ha!

Oh well. We had fun.

Other notes from the weekend include a Moosh & Mommy hike at our local Metroparks. He was super excited to pick out lots of acorns and rocks to bring home to show daddy (yep – definitely a boy).

Oh – and a notable 8-mile run. My first long run since the half marathon. It was rough. But I made it! The beautiful fall morning scenery definitely helped (and so did my running partner!).

And right after I completed my run, I registered for the Pittsburgh Marathon 2015!! A FULL marathon! AM I INSANE!?! I guess so!

So yeah. It’s been a heck of a week! Ups, downs, and craziness for sure. But such is life, am I right!?

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