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September 13, 2014 in giveaway,life,links,Moosh

I was included as part of Dude Mom, Amanda’s, blog post on Everyday Family about Dude Mom Life! A subject near and dear to my dude mom heart!

dudemomlife break1 Today is my sisters Bachelorette Party in Columbus! Crazyness and sillyness is sure to ensue. We’re going to start by hitting up The Candle Lab in the Short North, followed by lunch, and then a bar crawl! Can you say Bodhi!? Yayyyy!


My AMRAP Bars giveaway is still going for the next couple of days. There are THREE chances to win! So go enter. Now!

AMRAP Nutrition Logo-Grey

What’s Next? CLE has officially announced and launched a Bike Sharing program in Cleveland! There are currently 5 pickup/dropoff locations. Could not be more excited for CLE to hop on the bike-sharing train that other cities (cough-cough — Columbus) have been on for ages!

Yesterday I took Moosh to the Cheesecake Factory for a Mommy-Moosh lunch date. We had a great time… until we left and got into a fender bender. We’re completely fine, but I’m shaken up. I have a nearly spotless driving record and I’m most upset that I will likely (though incorrectly) be determined at fault. Ugh.

A week or so ago a local woman was attacked and raped during her morning run around Cleveland. She survived and her assault was captured on a local traffic camera. Her attacker is still at large. And the local running community is rallying in support. Locals can come out and run in support next Friday for #TakeBackTheRun. If you can’t make it and just want to support the victim & the Cleveland Rape Crisis Fund.


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