New Mommy Must-Haves // Part 2

September 24, 2014 in Ari Davis,family,mommyhood,Moosh,parenthood,tales from a working mom

A funny thing happened after I posted Part 1 of the New Mommy Must-Haves — an acquaintance (one who does not read this blog) mentioned one of the items from that list as part of her “OMG I couldn’t live without it items,” and that’s when I knew… Moms — you for real need to heed this advice.

Tried, tested and true, these things are Mama approved! So here’s Part 2 of my New Mommy Must-Haves!


1. Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier // We have ALL of the carriers — The Bjorn, Moby Wrap, Ergo Baby, Sling, and Mei Tai. In my opinion, the Mei Tai is the easiest to use and the most portable (I can shove it in the diaper bag and pull it out as needed).

2. Honest Diapers // Diapers are two things: 1. Necessary; and 2. Something you don’t want to run out of. We have our diapers delivered thanks to Plus they are eco-friendly! Score!

3. My Pal Scout // Don’t underestimate the Scout… we did. Scout is Ari’s BFF. We were told this would happen and it did. You can program Scout to say all of your baby’s “favorites,” which are obviously yet to be determined. But start them young on what they ‘love.’ 😉

4. White Noise Machine // This machine is a lifesaver. Babies need noise to sleep. Simulate the noise in the mama’s womb by using the noise machine. In fact it’s practically required for me to hear on the baby monitor to get myself to sleep these days!

5. Shopping Cart Cover // Germs freak new parents out. We know we can’t avoid them at all costs; but when we CAN avoid them, we go to extremes to do so. Enter the shopping cart cover. Because your own kids’ germs are way cuter than any other kids’ germs.

6. Adan + Anais Swaddle Blankets. Read this: Do not bother buying any other swaddles. These swaddles are soft and large enough to actually swaddle your baby; no other swaddles will do this; but you will underestimate the importance of this. Don’t underestimate this life experience please. 😉

7. Boogie Wipes. When I first saw these at the store I thought “What a hyped up load of bologna!” But this could not be more false. These wipes are wonderful — saline, scented & soft… the only thing you will ever wipe your precious baby’s face with!

8. Netflix. Because there are lots of long nights where you are not sleeping. That is all.


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Amanda P. September 24, 2014 at 3:31 pm

Netflix saved my life when I was pregnant and after Jeanette was born. Those late nights were made better by rewatching all the seasons of Mad Men!


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