30 Before Thirty // A Few Weeks Out

September 17, 2014 in 30 Before 30

I’m just a few weeks away from my thirtieth birthday. This list has certainly presented a few more challenges than I thought it would. There are certain things that I can confidently say, will not happen. There are others that I can MAKE happen.

01 // Become a mom. Hey! I did this! :)

02 // Run a half marathon. Registered for the Akron half — ONE week before my 30th birthday! And just ONE week from now!

03 // Go on a family vacation to the beach. We did this over last summer! :)

04 // Participate in a yoga workshop. While technically not a ‘workshop,’ I did participate in several Yoga Rocks The Park and Believe in CLE events!

05 // Go to a professional sporting event. Three Indians games during Summer 2013.

06 // Learn something new by taking a class. Another unexpected surprise was surprising myself with going to Wine & Canvas painting events. It feels good to make it a regular practice to be crafty.

07 // Spend an entire day paying it forward. I can do this. I have 2.5 weeks to get this done. Let’s do this! 🙂

08 // Visit Niagara Falls. Loved that we did this as a family in April.

09 // Visit Denver. My plans for this fell through 🙁 The plan was for me to go with Chad & Moosh to Denver; but the tickets to Denver were far too expensive to make this a reality. Frown face. But it’s OK because it will happen again soon (we have family in Denver so we will definitely be there soon!).

10 // Pay for the person behind me at StarbucksI’ve done this — THREE times! :) And it feels fantastic each and every time.

11 // Go on a wine tourCheck! Girls wine tour, 2013, in the books! It should have been called “Moms Hot-Mess-Express 2013.” Oy.

12 // Try a new [to me] exercise classI tried a new cycling class. But I feel like this only half counts. I’ve also been doing

13 // Visit an apple orchard as a familyMy sweet family of three visited an apple orchard just a few weeks ago!

14 // Participate in the Warrior DashI haven’t done this exact race, but I did participate in Pretty Muddy — which was an obstacle course women’s mud run. Sooo basically the same thing. And to be honest, I probably will not do a Warrior Dash. The Pretty Muddy 5k was super rough on my body and I don’t think I’ll do the WD.

I’m also doing Foam Fest in a couple weeks! HOW FUN!! Use code FF5352 when you register!

15 // …and the Color RunDoes Color Me Rad count?? I think so!

16 // Go kayaking — and finally put our kayaks to use! We’ve officially had our kayaks for 5 years. We have YET to use them. Fail. Fail, fail, fail. 

17 // Have professional family pictures takenThank you, Justine Johnson, for taking our first family photos!

18 // Ride a roller coaster. This probably won’t happen. We aren’t going to Cedar Point anytime soon. And to be honest? If I had a full day to spend away from Moosh with the Mister? I would spend it doing something other than riding roller coasters. True story.

19 // Make bread from scratch. There’s still time! Let’s do this, bread!

20 // Live a more sustainable lifeWork in progress!

21 // Eat at Mighty Taco in Buffalo, NY againMy Buffa-LOVE trip completed this in April!

22 // Get a massageI’ve had FOUR!! Look at this mama go! HA!

23 // Visit the Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland. So far, not so good. We’ll see if we can swing it.

24 // Attend a social media gatheringCheck! #VitamixCLE AND the Mitchell’s #SweetUp!

25 // Feel comfortable in a bathing suit. This will continue to be a work in progress. I’m not there yet.

26 // Visit the zooWe visited the Akron Zoo on what seemed to be their busiest day of the summer! But it was fun.

27 // …and a museumOur Fathers Day weekend 2013 was spent at the Akron Art Museum! And Ari & I have gone again and again ever since!

28 // Take an aerial yoga class. I’m still hoping to fit this in…

29 // Have a successful no-spend monthDone! But I’d like to do this again. Here’s looking at you, July 2014!

30 // Play in the snow. This past winter certainly wasn’t ideal with playing in snow. There’s talk of a freak snow storm over the next couple of weeks, so perhaps this is still a possibility? Perhaps.

I’ve learned something about goals over the last couple of years.
I’ve learned that they are great to keep you on your toes;
but that you have to cut yourself some slack due to circumstance.
Ya know? Have a goal, but keep moving on.

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