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August 1, 2014 in Akron,cleveland,explore locally,Ohio,review

Gosh, how I love Social Media! Thanks to the Cleveland Bagel Co., I happened to find a little gem of a new business, Clover Road Cream Cheese! I saw a #GetSchmeared tweet and instagram post and I thought “What in the world is this and how in the world did I live without it!?”


So I sought them out via their Facebook page and email. I, unfortunately, couldn’t make it to North Union Farmers Market in Shaker Square, because I work every Saturday. But I was welcomed with open arms to come pick up some cheeses directly from the source — in Kent — where they make the cream cheese!


Theses two sisters (twins!) are currently making the cheese out of the same facility as Lucky Penny Creamery! Sidenote: Lucky Penny goats milk has a special place in our hearts. When my milk supply for Ari was running low, we supplemented with Lucky Penny goats milk! A lifesaver for us!


However, Rachel from Clover Road Cream Cheese said they have yet to venture into Goats Milk Cream Cheese. They use Snowville Creamery milk in their products. That’s right, the same milk that Jeni Britton Bauer uses in Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream! And Yay for anything Jeni Britton Bauer approves of! (the fact the Jeni Britton Bauer named CRCC as an up-and-comer is awesome, by the way!)

Rachel showed me around the facility and, although I couldn’t walk in to many of the rooms, I was able to see, from just a few feet away, all of the machines that go into the process of making their cheeses.

At the end of the tour, I walked away with 3 artisan cream cheeses — Cinnamon Sugar & Cayenne, Dilly Ranch, and Parmesan Truffle. I desperately wanted some Espresso, Espresso, but I showed up before it was mixed. Next time I’m trying it FOR SURE. Espresso and cream cheese!? I’m pretty sure that’s my love language.


aaaaand Moosh ate a bunch of the Dilly Ranch by the freaking spoonful in the car on the way home! Hahaha! It’s toddler approved for sure!


I’m  beyond thrilled to have found another local company to love and support. Any gals with a love for cheese, Jeni’s Ice Cream and Ohio? Yes, yes and YES.


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