This weekend can be summed up in just a few words — Busy. Fun. Tired.

Friday started with a whirlwind of ‘stuff ‘ to do. First and foremost I had to take my car to have my brakes done. Not the most glamourous errand but it needed to be done. Then Moosh and I were off to try on bridesmaids dresses! YES, I may be crazy for taking him with me to a bridal boutique by myself (!!!), but yet another thing that needed to be done. It just so happens that it was a thousand degrees out (OK, maybe in the 90s) and Moosh was super uncooperative (read: wouldn’t sit on my hip and so I basically carried a 20-pound weight out to the side for 30 minutes — I’m fairly certain my left arm is now more muscular than my right).

We ended up meeting up with my aunt — Ari’s Grandma Dee, for some ice cream at Mitchells! Before we even walked into their Beachwood location, we heard a “Hi Ari!” from someone on the patio! This kid is such a freaking rockstar! 😉 I didn’t know the gal, but apparently she’s my cousins friend who knows him from hanging out with Grandma Dee! I swear this kid knows more people than I do.

Moosh ate some of Grandma Dee’s Key Lime Pie ice cream, and had his own teenie scoop of Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp! He hammed it up for all of the employees (obviously) and watched the train go round and round the track!

Post-ice cream I rushed my butt home to get Moosh a nap. Ari isn’t much of a car-napper, but kid passed out hard on our way home.


Poor guy. He was exhausted from bridal boutiques and ice cream fun!

Last year I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural #BelieveInCLE event at the Rock Hall and it was life changing. I wasn’t going to miss this summers hottest (literally?) yoga event.

So I rushed to meet up with my BFF Carli (and two-thousand other yogis) downtown. We set up shop right in front of Chill Pop Shop!


Which ended up being pretty perfect because we needed something to cool us off while we waited for the evening to begin. It was H-O-T out! Kiwi/cucumber for the win!


People piled in and tons of spectators came out to just watch us all practice yoga on the front steps of the Rock Hall! So cool.



It all got started with Alex Sheen, founder of Because I Said I Would, talking about the social movement of making promises and keeping them. His story was incredibly moving and it was hard (OK, impossible…) to keep it together while he was talking. I went away with 10 #BecauseISaidIWould cards and I’m putting a lot of thought into these ten promises. (Learn more about the movement here.)

bicle11 The practice itself was awesome. There are few things cooler than grabbing the hand of the total stranger next to you and supporting them in chair pose and boat pose. And there are fewer things cooler than feeling that support back from that stranger. Carli + stranger to my left — thank you!






And yes, there was an aerial drone taking overhead pictures of us the whole time. A little distracting at first, but these totally awesome shots (without my watermark) came from the drone!

Post-#BelieveInCLE, Carli and I went to Progressive Field for Grapes & Ales, an event benefitting Our Lady Of The Wayside. By the time we arrived, most of the food was gone; but I did get to sip and sample a few wines while my pregs BFF sampled some pork nachos.

We ran into a few friends but, sadly, didn’t get any pictures with them (maybe this was a blessing because we were so sweaty from a humid night and yoga). Next time, gals!


Post-Grapes & Ales we were… hungry. Mega, mega hungry. Good news is I finally had a reason to try out The Greenhouse Tavern! Bad news is I made a delicious, yet poor, food choice… animal frites.


Animal Frites is basically poutine + mustard + bacon + 2 eggs. Here’s a better picture of what it looks like (photo cred):


I had to work Saturday morning. Which was rough. Really rough. I sent Chad a text message pretty much explaining how a night out at a yoga workshop felt like an all-night college party to me. Well, at least the next day it certainly feels that way!


Growing old is fun. Ha!

Saturday night we hit up a graduation party and then a pool party. The pool party started at 8:30, which is usually the time Moosh is going down for the night. Playing with fire, y’all!


He ended up doing great, considering how late he was out. He was wide awake but super nervous in the pool with all of the other people. He tends to do better in the pool when he’s less stimulated.

And thanks to this half marathon training, I had to wake up early Sunday morning to fit in a 4-mile run. It was humid but the run went really well. And that means that my first full week of half-marathon training is complete!! Woo hoo!

That’s IT. That’s all our Sunday consisted of. And it was everything we needed.

PHEW! I feel like the whole weekend was action-packed! As much fun as that was, I think I need a vacation to recover from my weekend 😉


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Jessica (Healthy = Happy) July 11, 2014 at 12:33 am

Believe in CLE was SO much fun – I’m already signed up for the august one! I so wish we would’ve found each other though! And sadly, I totally know what you mean about it feeling like a night out partying haha! My body definitely felt it. But it’s way better than a hangover!


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