GUYS!! This weekend was amazeballs. Seriously.


After work I met up with some friends at the Nauti Vine Winery for my friend Cristin’s birthday celebration. Cristin and I nearly accidentally stumbled upon this winery a month or so back during a girls night out. The location is beautiful — it’s located on Portage Lakes in Akron. Super scenic for being in a (near) city setting!


We laughed SO hard. SO much! My soul needed that. Fo sho.


Sidenote: When you go to a winery, it’s generally not safe to order their house-made beer. (The exception in this case being Cellar Rats brewery from Debonne). The beer was terrible. The laughs were awesome (and so was the wine — of course).

Chad & Ari were at a family function with our Denver family that night and we ended up getting home pretty much exactly at the same time (which means late night #1 for Moosh!).


Friday I would love to say that we slept in. But that totally didn’t happen.Well, at least not for me. I woke up early to get a workout in and get some cleaning done. … and then Moosh slept til like 10:00 am. Aaaand we rushed out of the house to meet my cousin Maryssa to go bridesmaids dress shopping. For those who don’t know, my sister is getting married this October. I put off dress shopping until the last possible moment. But I’m happy to report my dress has been ordered for the last couple of weeks. And now my cousins’ dress is ordered too! Woo hoo! Mission accomplished! And it feels SO good! Gah!

Moosh, Maryssa, and I went out to BW3’s post-dress shopping where the food was bland but the service was hilarious. Our server came running out of the kitchen screaming “We got Lebron! We got Lebron!” Hahaha! He was like “Did you hear?” Yes, dear… my husband sent me a text right away.

Post-B-Dubs, Moosh napped for 2-hours (TGIF!). And then I took him to Babies R Us for a baby-registry extravaganza with my BFF. Moosh & I didn’t get home til super late (again). But he was a complete champ (again). And he slept in until 9:30 Saturday morning.


My mom and I went up to Lincoln Park in Tremont for Yoga Rocks the Park CLE. The morning provided beautiful weather for a beautiful practice.




Scott Sulper from Cleveland Yoga led our vinyasa practice for 60-minutes. The practice was warm, sweaty and fun!


The view from my mat….


… was awesome. Beautiful, bright blue sky and a giant tree above me.


It was great to connect with my fellow bloggers… Alicia, of Poise in Parma (left) and Jill, of The Year of the Phoenix (middle).


and my mom! Family + friends = what dreams are made of!! <3

Props (and thanks) to my husband for some post-yoga fuel of grilled chicken, grilled asparagus, and quinoa! luau7

Saturday afternoon, Chad & I went to Whiskey Island for SC4k Luau on the Lake while my mom hung out with Ari. They spent some quality time together visiting family and we took selfies.

It was our first visit to Whiskey Island and we totally loved it! Only thing we regret is not bringing a chair! Oops! Lesson learned!



And again it seemed to be a mini-blogger meetup!

Kimberly (Smitten in CLE). Alicia (Poise in Parma). And me!


Kimberly (Smitten in CLE), Alicia (Poise In Parma), Charlene (Life in The CLE), Anna (Anna In The Raw), and me!


Matthew, Jen (Why CLE?), Me & Chad! It was our parents-day-out without the kiddos! Jen & Matthew have a teeny tiny 8-week old-ish baby at home, and we left Ari with Mimi for the day! It turns out Mimi & Moosh had TONS of fun on their own. They went to see some family and went out to dinner — just the two of them!



We snacked, we laughed, we cheered Alicia on in the limbo contest! … and we still beat Moosh & Mimi home from their adventure!


I didn’t tell Moosh that we stopped at his fave ice cream place, Mitchell’s in Ohio City on our way home from the luau! Their strawberry jalapeno is incredible PLUS it’s sourced locally! 🙂 Double win!


Moosh finally slept in! Thank GOODNESS! But this mama didn’t have that luxury. Nope. I went for my long training run and I rocked it!! Post-workout Moosh finally woke up and we all headed to the Indians Family Social Suite versus the White Sox!

indians1 The family social suite was awesome. Moosh was kept super busy with toys and coloring while the rest of us watched the game. PLUS it was another mini-blogger meet up! I finally got to meet Brad from Cleveland Food & Brews!


And this view! The view from the suite is awesome!


#Moosh! He thought the whole experience was kinda cool. Plus he got to meet Slider. Soooo there’s that.



…. and then we all needed a vacation from too much fun. Thankfully, today is our first day of our staycation and we have very little planned (woo hoo!). PS. I say that now, but I KNOW I’m going to make a ton of plans for the next 6 days! Ha!

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