weekend wrap up // 4th of July edition !

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I swear we are still recovering from our Fourth of July weekend. I know, I know… it was over a week ago. But we packed a LOT into a little bit of time.

Thursday night, after work, Moosh & I went on a mini-date… just the two of us! We went to the Akron Art Museum’s Downtown at Dusk. Downtown at Dusk features live music and entertainment every Thursday evening in the summer. Bonus? The museum & exhibits are free on Thursdays, too! So Moosh & I walked around the exhibits (we do this on the regular, actually), then sat at a table inside and watched the band play (a table was the only place I could keep him semi-contained).

[baby-wearing selfie in front of a giant exhibit]

july3-2 [snacking on a Q-cookie (which is the shape of the exhibit in the selfie above)]

On Friday the 4th, this mama woke up early prepping for a day of fun. ….But Moosh slept in (of course). We had to wake him to get him ready for his first parade! I’ve been meaning to make it to a parade. I feel like it’s a parents’ duty to take their kid to see scary clowns and big trucks driving down a closed street. And it WAS fun. But the waiting for it to start? That was a little less fun.



[thankful Annie’s Organics makes these handy gluten-free snacks in handy to-go bags!]

He was anxious. Super anxious. And running around like you would expect from a toddler with tons of energy.


And thankfully when he saw the big trucks and fire engines honking and their sirens blaring, he was entranced. And we got to take a ‘family photo’ (which these days really means sneaking a family selfie).


We were lucky enough to get him to go down for a short nap before my sister-in-law and her family came over. They were in visiting from Denver and it was Ari’s first time meeting his cousins! Such an exciting day for us!

They played and swam and we all went to the Rib White & Blue Festival in Akron for some eats! Ari was entranced by his older cousins! 🙂


Saturday Moosh & daddy had some downtime while Mama went to work. But by Sunday we were back at it again! My sister-in-law and I actually grew up together and graduated high school together. So we have the same BFF’s from high school (we are SO lucky!). All of us girls got together with the signifcant others & kiddos for a fun cookout and playdate.


Ari got himself drenched pretty early on from the water table. I had just grabbed his swimsuit when he got soaked… and at that point we thought – screw it! – he’s staying in his diaper! Ha! (Parents of the year!)


[he loves corn. and cars. and his cousin!]

[Moosh + Grandpa Mike]
The gals were all able to get together for a few pictures before we started to all go our separate ways.

july5-4 july5-6

It was a completely wonderful weekend. And this picture of Moosh on the way home really sums up how we’ve all been feeling since. Exhausted from too much fun! 🙂


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