Winter in the Midwest seems to last FOR.EV.ER. Come Spring (which lasts for two days) and summer, it seems like all of us Ohioans try and cram as much into these short few months as possible. And the events are a-plenty, my friends!

Just looking at my social calendar for the next several months has me wondering when I’ll actually fit other important things in. Like sleep. And work. 😛 I kid! I kid!   … kinda.

But seroiusly if you’re looking for something to do there is so much going on. Here’s what’s on my ‘can’t miss’ list for this weekend:

Saturday July 12th




Sunday, July 13th


Screenshot 2014-07-12 00.36.12

All of THIS happens in just ONE weekend! Bring on the summer, Northeast Ohio!

What’s on your summer “MUST DO” list?? And what big plans do you have for this weekend?

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