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June 30, 2014 in fitness,food,health,life,mantra

Some days everything we touch turns to gold + every decision we make is the right one. Other days? Well, other days, we make poor decisions and end up filled with regrets. We can’t win them all; and we can’t beat ourselves up over regrets.

Specifically I’m talking about my health + fitness journey. This used to come so easily to me (read: pre-baby). But nowadays the struggle is real, y’all.

And this weekend I made several poor food choices. YES I workout every single day. And YES I eat very clean. But NO I don’t like making a couple of poor food choices because it never fails — I always, always, ALWAYS regret it later.

Sometimes it’s the immediate “UGH now I feel like poo!” feeling; other times it’s the next day thinking “Yeah I probably shouldn’t have eaten that.

So let me explain a couple of things here. My couple of poor-food choices from this weekend were the following:

1. A couple of scoops of ice cream.

2. Poutine.

3. Two beers.

It wasn’t like I went on weekend-long binge. It was just a couple of on-the-fly mistakes. And PS. THEY WERE DELICIOUS MISTAKES. I didn’t cheat on my diet with just anyone… I cheated on my diet with a good beer, poutine from Chef Sawyer at the Greenhouse Tavern, and the ice cream was from Mitchell’s Homemade!

It’s easy to these minor setbacks and mistakes as complete doom + gloom. But they aren’t signs of complete failure; they are simply setbacks. The next day I woke up, went for a 4-mile run (thanks, 1/2 marathon training!), and got things back on track.


So I’m going back into the work week (and the upcoming holiday) remembering that my setbacks do not define me; nor do they define my journey. They are what they are and nothing more, nothing less.

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Amanda P. June 30, 2014 at 8:36 am

I know how you feel lady, I didn’t work out all weekend and I’m totally kicking myself for it. But maybe it was worth it in the end because the whole house is vacuumed, we celebrated my niece turning 5 (and I said no to cake and ice cream) and I snuggled with my baby on Sunday to calm her down from her teething.

Here’s to a better week!


Holly June 30, 2014 at 5:26 pm

If these are mistakes then my life is a mess! Honestly! Don’t be so hard on yourself. Is your eating plan realistic? Whenever I think I made a mistake I step back and ask myself that. Honestly what you describe here sounds like a normal, fun weekend. There’s a spice to life, enjoy it!

Now if I eat things like you mentioned to the point of being STUFFED or feeling gross because I am so full, that’s another problem. In moderation, fine.


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