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June 5, 2014 in #GetFit,fitness,review,running,sponsor

I just did something crazy, y’all! It’s something that I’ll be able to knock off my 30 Before 30 list… I registered for the Akron Half Marathon!


And thus, half marathon training officially begins in a couple of weeks. But truthfully I’ve been prepping for this upcoming race for a while now.

The next several months will be spent prepping for this awesome race! And over the last several weeks I’ve been trying out different things to help me during my run. And as a Sweat Pink Ambassador I was asked to review the Vega Sport Endurance Gel.

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A plant-based, all-natural energy gel, formulated to provide instant and sustained energy plus electrolytes and vitamins during workouts.

Developed for easy on-the-run digestion and featuring whole food ingredients,Vega Endurance Gel is free from high fructose corn syrup and maltodextrin. Plus,Vega Sport Endurance Gel is the only gel on the market to feature coconut oil, a medium-chain triglyceride metabolized in the liver to provide instant, non-carbohydrate energy.


Taste – I haven’t tried other gels (yet), but a vegan/plant-based gel such as the Vega Sport Endurance Gel is up my alley. It’s gluten, dairy and soy free, which is gentle for my tummy. I tried the ‘raspberry’ flavor, which was good; but you can definitely tell the main ingredient is dates; which is a hard flavor to completely cover. Still, I much prefer this flavor to something like vanilla or chocolate.

Consistency – It’s a little bit gritty, which I didn’t anticipate. But I didn’t need to chase it with water to get it down.

Does it work? – I’ve used it three times. The first time was in the middle of a longer run. The next 2 times were before two shorter runs. It seemed to work. I wasn’t tiring as easily and had enough energy to finish my long run strong.


The Unexpected – The first time I used the gel, it affected my stomach. By the time I got home my tummy was gurgling. It was rough. But from what I understand, this is sometimes expected when using an endurance gel for the first time. The next couple of times I didn’t have an issue whatsoever!

Value – If you purchase them on Amazon, they are $18.99 a box ($1.58 each) with free prime shipping. Compared to other gels, they may be a teeny bit more expensive; but they are also the only vegan/coconut oil based gels. For those of us who use coconut oil in our households, we understand there’s a bit of a premium for the product.

Overall – I’m excited to use the Vega Sport Endurance Gels for my upcoming half training!

How do you Fuel Your Better

Disclosure: I received these products free of charge to post a review. As always, my opinions are my own.

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susan @ June 5, 2014 at 2:48 pm

I haven’t loved vega as much asI hoped I would, but I did want to say yayyyy and congrats on the half marathon registration 🙂 That’s so exciting!


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