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GUYS – I am HUMAN again! I’m back on a “normal” shift — 9am – 6pm! I reaped the benefits of this new shift over the last week, but it’s been something of an adjustment (as all changes are!). Hence this Fathers Day weekend post making it up a week overdue.


We stopped by food truck Friday. Moosh wouldn’t stay still for long enough to have his picture taken. But this is a sushi burrito in all it’s glory. Spicy crunchy crab rolled up into a burrito. And there’s no way I could ever finish this.

I’ve been trying to find a used slide for Ari at a local resale shop. Well he saw it as soon as we pulled up and went “Ahhhhh!” So best $10 I’ve ever spent! It was a bit rainy that day and he really wanted to play with it, so we brought it in the house. And it’s remained indoors ever since.  In the video he’s definitely a little hesitant. Trust me… all of that is gone now. He’s a pro!

fday1  This slide is now a staple piece of furniture in our living room… and I see no end in sight. 🙂


After Chad got home from work we went for a nice long 3-hour-ish walk. There was a festival going on in our town so we walked the mile or so down to the festival and did a bit of people watching. There was plenty of space for Ari to run around and explore. By the time we got home it was WAY past his bedtime and he was completely exhausted from all of the walking (yay!). Easiest bedtime routine ever that night. Ha!


I worked on Saturday but Moosh ended up sleeping til 11:45 AM. No joke. We were all a little exhausted from the night before and all the schedule changes so our Saturday night was pretty low-key.


Thank goodness, because Sunday was NOT. Last year our Mothers Day + Fathers Day were special, but not as special as this year. Moosh is such a fun little human now! So we took Daddy to The Game Grill + Bar for a nice Fathers Day Brunch! The Game is a fairly new restaurant to Downtown Akron. And it’s nice to see another (I’m looking at you Nuevo Mod Mex, DBA & The Merchant Tavern!!) awesome restaurant focusing on quality food!




This kid hammed it up the whole time. (Shocker).


Post-brunch we walked around Akron and let him go explorin’!


So so so much exploring and playing! First downtown, then later at the park! We’re so lucky to be surrounded by parks in every direction (including in our own backyard – literally).


We wrapped up our family fun weekend with chalk. Lots and lots of chalk. Any color his little heart desired. He loves it! And I love coloring the pavement with him! 🙂

Pretty much the ideal workout, minus the work part. But such is life, am I right!?

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