30 Before Thirty // 4 Months Out

June 24, 2014 in 30 Before 30,bucket list,goals,life

Technically it’s less than four months out until my 30th birthday (but who’s counting??). Honestly I’m not dreading this birthday whatsoever (the perks of being the youngest of my friends + younger than my husband — love you all! 😉 ). But I am excited to be knocking some items off my list!

01 // Become a mom. Hey! I did this! :)

02 // Run a half marathon. Registered for the Akron half — ONE week before my 30th birthday!

03 // Go on a family vacation to the beach. We did this over the summer! :)

04 // Participate in a yoga workshop.

05 // Go to a professional sporting event. Three Indians games during Summer 2013.

06 // Learn something new by taking a class. Another unexpected surprise was surprising myself with going to Wine & Canvas painting events. It feels good to make it a regular practice to be crafty.

07 // Spend an entire day paying it forward.

08 // Visit Niagara Falls. Loved that we did this as a family in April.

09 // Visit Denver.

10 // Pay for the person behind me at StarbucksI’ve done this — THREE times! :) And it feels fantastic each and every time.

11 // Go on a wine tourCheck! Girls wine tour, 2013, in the books! It should have been called “Moms Hot-Mess-Express 2013.” Oy.

12 // Try a new [to me] exercise classI tried a new cycling class. But I feel like this only half counts. I’ve also been doing

13 // Visit an apple orchard as a familyMy sweet family of three visited an apple orchard just a few weeks ago!

14 // Participate in the Warrior DashI haven’t done this exact race, but I did participate in Pretty Muddy — which was an obstacle course women’s mud run. Sooo basically the same thing. And to be honest, I probably will not do a Warrior Dash. The Pretty Muddy 5k was super rough on my body and I don’t think I’ll do the WD.

I’m also doing Foam Fest in a couple weeks! HOW FUN!! Use code FF5352 when you register!

15 // …and the Color RunDoes Color Me Rad count?? I think so!

16 // Go kayaking — and finally put our kayaks to use!

17 // Have professional family pictures takenThank you, Justine Johnson, for taking our first family photos!

18 // Ride a roller coaster.

19 // Make bread from scratch.

20 // Live a more sustainable lifeWork in progress!

21 // Eat at Mighty Taco in Buffalo, NY againMy Buffa-LOVE trip completed this in April!

22 // Get a massageI’ve had FOUR!! Look at this mama go! HA!

23 // Visit the Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland.

24 // Attend a social media gatheringCheck! #VitamixCLE AND the Mitchell’s #SweetUp!

25 // Feel comfortable in a bathing suit. 

26 // Visit the zooWe visited the Akron Zoo on what seemed to be their busiest day of the summer! But it was fun.

27 // …and a museumOur Fathers Day weekend 2013 was spent at the Akron Art Museum! And Ari & I have gone again and again ever since!

28 // Take an aerial yoga class.

29 // Have a successful no-spend monthDone! But I’d like to do this again. Here’s looking at you, July 2014!

30 // Play in the snow. Ari and I haven’t really made it out in the snow. This past winter wasn’t… ideal. In fact, it was well-below freezing for much of the season. Bummer. This may be the only one that I don’t get to. Oh well!

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Amanda P. June 24, 2014 at 10:06 am

I should start one of these lists, I just turned 29 in May so if I get started now, maybe I could get something done?!


Susan June 24, 2014 at 12:45 pm

Trying to figure out where you live. Your 30 by 30 includes items not far from me. I live in Upstate NY (near Albany). #21 made me chuckle: My husband grew up southeast of Buffalo so we ALWAYS have to go to Mighty Taco when we visit. Have you ever eaten beef on weck? It’s a family favorite of ours!


Margarita @ West Coast Mama June 24, 2014 at 6:12 pm

You got a lot of this done! Good for you 🙂


katelin June 24, 2014 at 6:26 pm

Oh this is excellent, nicely done!


fizzgig June 24, 2014 at 6:46 pm

your list is awesome, whats better is that you are actually doing the things on it! keep it up! p.s. aerial yoga really does look like a good/fun work out!


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