I’ve been meaning to post this for the last week, but life happens, y’all!

We were exhausted after our whirlwind travel weekend in Buffalo + Canada when we got home late Sunday. It took us a while to get our butts moving on Monday — but we both had the day off. Sure, we could have (should have?) rested. But we wanted to take full advantage of pretty much the most beautiful weather we’ve had all year in Northeast Ohio! And to celebrate our actual anniversary, of course!

Chad was able to make it to our last Spring session of story time, which I had been hoping he’d get to go to at least once. He got to see all of the adorable that is Moosh at storytime.



Something super random happened while we were there… Chad ran into a friend he was in Big Brothers Big Sisters with (she works at the library). They hadn’t seen each other in years (however I had seen her before but didn’t realize she knew my husband). She mentioned that her kids were on their way to the library with her sitter. Chad made a joke about us needing a full-time sitter and was she available. Not only is she available (and willing!) to start watching Ari for us, but she lives DOWN THE STREET. NO joke. Like, a 2 second walk from our house! Sometimes you’re in the right place at the right time, friends! True story!

After our library shenanigans we took a chance — we skipped Moosh’s nap and went straight to the zoo. Brave decision, friends! B-R-A-V-E! But the day was BEAUTIFUL. Seriously. 75* and not a cloud in the sky!

It turns out everyone in Akron decided to venture to the zoo. There was a line probably a couple hundred people deep just to buy tickets. I couldn’t have been happier that we are Akron Zoo members and were able to skip the line entirely!

zooanni2-1 zooanni1-1

We rode the carousel for the first time (because Moosh insisted — no joke). He was so excited. And then… not so much. But he clung to that penguin for dear life! Ha! zooanni3-1



Then Chad took him on the train (I promise we DID see animals! Ha!). He is OBSESSED with trains these days, so his excitement was adorable!




See? We saw animals! Or at least empty glass cages! Ha!

We nearly cancelled our reservation for our anniversary dinner out of pure exhaustion, but we really needed a night out at dinner by ourselves. We went to Nuevo Modern Mexican in Akron. We’ve been really looking forward to trying it out. It did not disappoint!









We sipped on some seriously tasty margs [made with juices freshly squeezed on-site], snacked on guacamole, and devoured our dinners in record time. It turns out we’re still trying to master the ‘slowing down’ to eat thing. Every time we eat without Moosh we eat like he might walk in and take our attention away from food any second.

It was an awesome second anniversary. I wouldn’t have it any other way. And we’ve officially realized that going out without Moosh is incredibly important, so we’re working in regular date nights! 🙂

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Amanda May 5, 2014 at 6:59 am

Sounds like you had a great long weekend celebrating! I had no idea there was a zoo in Akron, I’ve only been to the Cleveland zoo and thought it was pretty nice. That dinner looks amazing as well, Mexican is our number once choice when picking a place to go out to dinner.


katelin May 6, 2014 at 6:36 pm

aw that sounds like a wonderful time, happy anniversary!!


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