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May 23, 2014 in Ari Davis,children,mommyhood,parenthood

The “No” stage, that is. That’s right. We’re in the thick of it! I’ll ask him a question that I *know* he will answer yes to, which is usually “Do you want some more?”

And he very quickly just says, “No.” It’s not a screaming “NO, NO, NO!” It’s a very simple, often gentle, “No.”

Even when he means yes. I don’t get it. He knows how to say yes. So why all the no’s??

It turns out this phase is called “Toddler Refusal.” They’ve just realized that they have a strong will and can answer however they so choose. And in most cases? They choose no.

Even just now, I looked at Moosh and said “Do you want to go play outside?” and he very quickly answered “No.” Because the stinker CAN. Ugh!


It can be frustrating, if you let it. I generally ignore it. But sometimes I need him to be cooperative. So my plan is this: First, roll with it when I can; Second, give him choices instead of asking yes or no questions.

For example: “Ari, do you want to get in the car now or play for 2 minutes and then get in the car?”

We’ll see how it goes. My guess is he’ll still look at me and whine “Nooooooo!” but it’s worth a shot, right!?

Either way, this is just a phase. It will pass. But tell me moms — do you have any tips or tricks you used to survive the ‘NO!’ phase!?

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