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April 1, 2014 in life,mantra

Monday morning I woke up and scribbled my personal mantra for the week on a piece of notebook paper.


Today I’ll skip yoga; I’ll sleep in as late as possible; I’ll spend the morning playing with Ari; we’ll get done what we can and we won’t stress about the rest.

An important former teacher (and friend) recently reminded me (aka slapped me upside the head with some hardcore truth! 🙂 ) — the time for living is now. Cause life is short.

There are times when it can be difficult to remember the important things. Laundry piles up, the dishes are left in the sink, and the stress of it all is in the back of your mind. That was me by yesterday evening. I was planning my next day to a T — thinking that, yeah, I could make it to a 6 am yoga class after working til 11, right? Sure; thinking that I would have a lot of extra time in the morning if I just planned my day perfectly… but it isn’t worth it. I’d rather spend my morning stress-free and in good company.


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