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April 16, 2014 in Akron,Ari Davis,family,life,mommyhood,parenthood,random,Zoo

We’ve had absolutely beautiful weather for the last week. And there were so many fun things to do. Unfortunately we are bound to time constraints so we couldn’t make it to everything; but we did have as much fun as possible.

On Wednesday we went to the Akron Zoo (again). The Sting Ray Touch Tank was finally open! Ari actually seemed excited to see these ‘fishys’ up close; well, until the sting rays came by. And then he quickly removed his hand from the water. Ha! Still — totally brave, kid!



On our way home from the zoo, we got a major flat tire — like blew the tire OUT! 🙁 Thankfully the wheel itself wasn’t damaged (unlike the previous tire situation less than 2-years ago!). But it totally put a damper on our week.

Sidenote? It turns out I’ve been driving an automatic for far too long. I drove Chad’s manual Honda in the meantime and it def took a while to get back in the swing of it. Ha!

Ari + I played outside a LOT in the beautiful spring weather. Too bad that awesome weather turned to snow over the last 24 hours. 🙁



Sunday we made the most of our family funday with ZERO plans! We started by visiting the Easter Bunny at the local mall. By the way — when did pictures with the Easter Bunny get to be $21 for TWO pictures (taken by crappy high school ‘photographers’)?! I’m sad we didn’t get a picture with Ari LOVING the big bunny man, but instead we were only able to snap pictures of him staring in awe of the bunny post-visit.


After our Easter Bunny visit we went for a family “run” on the towpath. The run itself on the uneven path proved to be fairly difficult with even a jogging stroller (we need a BOB! — The city mini is great for paved trails, but not for trail running!). After about a mile and a half, we gave up the fight and just walked. Our walk was about 4.5 miles. Near the end, a certain napping baby awoke and wanted to be FREE!

He showed us we weren’t the only ones who could run!
Watch out Coach Cole! This one may be on your track team one day!


But really he prefers to be carried, whether it be on hips or on shoulders!


In addition to all this fun + craziness over the last couple of weeks, I’ve put my Jawbone Up back on — fully charged and ready to go! I’ve been getting TONS of workouts in and logging lots of miles! 🙂

Pretty much the last week and a half has been amazing! Sure, there have been some bumps in the road (and flat tires/missed plans), but I’ve been spending it with my two main-men… so it has been perfection!

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