Buffa-LOVE // Part 2 // Ohhh Canada!!!

April 30, 2014 in Ari Davis,Buffalo,family,food,fun,life,pictures,travel,vacation

I promise we did more than just eat on our mini-vacay (although from Part 1 I can understand how you might assume otherwise)! I’ve been trying to go through pictures since last week and I couldn’t get through all of them until today. What a WEEK! 🙂

Saturday, our first official (and only) FULL day in town, we woke up bright and early (7am) and grabbed a quick bite at the hotel before heading out to Niagara Falls!

I spent most of my young adult years frollicking back and forth across the rainbow bridge and drinking at the age of 19 on Clifton Hill, so I should be a pro at customs. But for whatever reason I FREAK OUT every time I see customs.


Example: One time I was coming back across the bridge to the US side during a day trip (no drinking involved). The customs officer asked me if I had anything to drink. Instead of responding with a straight forward “No,” I said “Just some fruit punch!” super goofy and cheery. Tip: Customs does NOT like jokes!

Travelling across the border with a baby and a passport in my maiden name made me super nervous. But it was a breeze getting into my fave neighbor country!







We parked on Clifton Hill and walked by the falls for about an hour — we gazed, we ooh’d, we ahh’d, and snapped pictures. In the end, that was pretty much all we wanted to do on The Hill. Cause the mini-Vegas-style attractions just aren’t really our scene right now. Instead of heading back across the bridge to the states, we decided to keep driving north to Toronto!


It took about an hour and a half, but Moosh ended up napping for most of the drive. If you’ve never been, the city of Toronto is beautiful! And the drive into is equally as awesome. I mean, the highway is high above the city and you drive directly through downtown Toronto.

Chad used a map (my dad would be so proud — No GPS required!) to find a place where he wanted to grab some lunch. We went to the St Lawrence market and had a peameal bacon sandwich. It was delicious! Even Moosh loved it!


Apparently Chad knew that this peameal bacon sammich thing is a legit Canada thing… But I had no idea. If it isn’t poutine, I don’t know about it. (PS. we def had the most amazing poutine in the universe in Toronto!) Mostly St. Lawrence Market just reminded me of West Side Market in CLE! It’s a little smaller though. And much more busy (if you can believe that!) stlawmarket

In addition to hitting up the crazy market in downtown Toronto, we walked around downtown for hours. HOURS!! Ari was not thrilled…

Hence this photo…


He loved the street performers! I snapped this picture a little late, but Moosh was totally enjoying a little drum performance!


But we loved Toronto (except for the random/crazy mall-ish area) full of religious radicals screaming at each other about Lord knows what (literally). It was a lot of travel, but I’m so glad we got out of Clifton Hill to see a bit more culture!

By the time we arrived back at our hotel, Moosh was ready for bed. And so were we. All completely exhausted.

Thanks, Canada, for the awesome day!


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Amanda P. May 1, 2014 at 7:03 am

Looks like you had an awesome mini-vaca! I can’t wait to do something like this when Jeanette gets a little older, hopefully by next summer!


Mrs. C. May 1, 2014 at 3:17 pm

Love the pictures! It’s so great to experience your favorite childhood things with your own lo, isn’t it? I’m from WNY and I LOVE the foods you mentioned. Sponge Candy, Tim HOrton’s Sunny’s, Teds, Might Taco, Duffs… I hit up all those spots last week when we visited for Easter. YUM!!!!


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