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March 10, 2014 in mantra



I saw this mantra over the weekend on a friends Facebook page and felt it was worth a share. Seeking everyone else’s approval is definitely something I’ve been struggling with for years. When you get that approval, it feels great; but this mantra couldn’t be more right… when those people disapprove, it has the power to starve your soul. I personally need to be more mindful of the approval-seeking side of myself.

So I’m going into this week with a hugely open heart… This morning I took a power yoga class, came home, did the dishes and straightened up, and I even had a chance to drink a hot cup of coffee and eat some breakfast! Oh — and blog! And I’ve also given myself a mental reminder for the rest of the week that approval from others is completely unnecessary. Which is such a relieving way to start a Monday!

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