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January 8, 2014 in fitness,health,life,off the mat,thoughts,workout,yoga

The only people this week truly make sense to are my fellow yogis. And that’s okay. If it doesn’t speak to you that’s fine too. But be warned… I realize I’m preaching to the yogi choir right now.



One of the reasons I go back to my mat and back to my practice time and time again is for the connection. 

The physical connection of my feet to the earth; the mental connection of my brain to my breathing; the physical connection of my body to the pose; and the psychological connection to my fellow yogis.

And I always find it quite comical when I find myself in a packed yoga class. I set my mat down in the taped off lines as to not take up more than my share of prime real estate. But I can’t help but notice other peoples wariness; the hesitation to get so close to another person — a stranger — makes them uneasy.

Cause yoga is messy. It’s sweaty. Its gross.

But it also connects you to your neighbor. Your breathing becomes intertwined and it lifts you up. It carries you through the poses. And it exposes your vulnerabilities.

See I love the packed classes because it forces me to physically connect with someone I would otherwise have no connection with.

Sometimes a stray foot lands on my mat; Occasionally a droplet of sweat may fall from my head to my neighbors mat.

And then there are the yogi-assists! It’s quite an experience the first time a teacher says “Reach out and hold the leg of the person next to you!”


You start to look forward to these moments. You don’t hesitate. You can help this person — this complete stranger — next to you out just a teeny bit by holding their left leg for them. And the person to your left is helping you out similarly.

There’s just something magical about it!


I recognize that these types of classes & situations make some people completely uncomfortable. But personally? I LIVE for them!

Truthfully, it DOES get me out of my comfort zone. And that’s why I love it.

I will always leave those classes knowing I’ve learned something. I may not have felt like I did the ‘best’ warrior 1, but I know I definitely leave with a new understanding of the world around me. 🙂

Have you ever experienced something that made you feel like you instantly grew into a slightly better person? 🙂

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