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January 10, 2014 in changes,life,thoughts


This is true in every situation.

There’s really no point in looking back.
You either end up missing those ‘awesome’ times
or you end up sad for what did or didn’t happen according to your plans.

That being said, I’ve also learned to not put too much thought into the future.

I could spend hours, days, lifetimes, planning for the next few months, several years, etc.

But then I would miss what is happening
right this moment.

And this moment is TEMPORARY, ya’ll!

Remember that when you’re making your next ‘life-changing’ decision.

Will it inevitably shape your life in some way?

But does it define you?

It just gives a picture of who you are at this moment.
I’m trying to keep this in perspective
as I make some decisions over the next several weeks.
Not all change has to be good or bad.
Sometimes you need a change just to shake things up;
just to shake yourself out of a funk.

Your past doesn’t define you.

Your big decisions don’t define you.

Your life changes don’t define you.

Just stay in this moment.
Because the world needs you just as you are, where you are.

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