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January 29, 2014 in changes,family,life,tales from a working mom

Changes and transitions are challenging, y’all!

My week has not been ‘difficult‘ by any sense. At least not at work.

But mentally, I’m drained. I’ve been trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible and trying to keep focused.

So when I get home, I’m just ‘meh.’

Which means the house that I busted my butt cleaning all weekend? A mess.

Which means I’ve forgotten to pack Ari’s lunch for the sitter. So I sent him with an Amy’s Organic Mattar Paneer Indian frozen meal… which is spicy. Which he ate ALL of… in ONE sitting!! Ha!

Which means I ate some raw broccoli and half an avocado and called it dinner one night.

It’s completely fine because all of this is just temporary. We’re transitioning to a new schedule. The three of us will adjust soon enough and it will be our new normal.

In the meantime we’ll deal with the messy house; we’ll eat whatever we can find for dinner; and we’ll give ourselves time to adjust accordingly.

Rollin’ with the punches, friends!


How do you deal with transitions and changes?? Tips and tricks appreciated!


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Amy January 31, 2014 at 11:13 am

Advice on surviving transitions and changes:
1. Be kind to yourself. Adjustment will take longer than you want, but it will happen.
2. Do you love or hate the slow cooker? I have found my slow cooker to be a great friend in transitions. I can work all day and then come home to dinner that was cooking while I worked. Hello, multitasking!
3. Find someone in your life who is a little older than you (5-10 years) who has “been there,” a mentor of sorts, and perhaps someone who is not a family member. She might offer you some helpful perspective on how to thrive in transition.


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