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December 30, 2013 in Ari Davis,family,holidays

No, this past weekend was not our forgotten weekend. Our forgotten weekend happened just two short weeks ago. And somehow I managed not to write about it!

Those two short weeks ago, Mimi + Papi (my mom & dad), came up to visit from Kentucky. We spent that Saturday running to and from practically everywhere. It was our last day of Ari’s Autumn Wee Tumblers class at the Y. And Mimi asked to go in with him, so this mama was able to watch from up top! They both loved every single second of it!




After Wee Tumblers, I stopped by our favorite teeny consignment shop, Lil’ Frog Fashions. I had been trying to find a pair of bib overall snow pants for Ari for a while. And if I thought finding snow boots was tough, finding snow pants in his size was even more difficult! I refused to pay $75 for a coat/pants from Carters. Well I stopped by Lil Frog and found a pair of snow pants for like $4…. in size 3-6 months. And they fitMy 14 month old! Ha! Craziness but kind of awesome.

The rest of our day was spent making Chad’s awesome Guacamole and heading over to my familys big Christmas party! We ate, we laughed, we caught up… and there was even a visit from the big guy himself!

Last year when Ari met Santa at only 2 months old, he screamed. Then again, that may not have had anything to do with Santa, and more to do with the colicky baby we had on our hands.

But this year, he was intrigued, to say the least! The jingle bells rang, the big guy came walking in, and Ari just… stared in awe!



It was adorable! He watched as Santa took presents for each kid out of his bag and called their name.
It’s too bad silly santa couldn’t pronounce Ari’s name…
But we figured it out.


He sat on Santa’s lap, we snapped a few pictures,
Ari held on to his candy cane, and soaked it all up.
Santa didn’t ask him what he wanted, but Santa knew he wanted a wagon.


Then Santa gave him an early Christmas gift — an old school Fisher Price rotary dial phone!
He liked it, but not as much as that darn candy cane! 🙂


About half of the kids were excited to see Santa. The rest? Terrified. They were like “Give me my present,” and then left.

ABM_1387127357 ABM_1387127651

We didn’t get home until after 11, and Ari had been awake since 5:15, so it was a LONG night for him! I didn’t want to fight to put him down, because I was already exhausted myself. So I decided to just bring him into bed with me. I figured that he’s been waking up around 3am anyways. What would’ve been the point of putting him in bed for a couple of hours so that we could be awake for most of the night??

And he slept in our bed until 8:30am. AMAZE-BALLS! I can’t believe I forgot about this weekend. Or at least forgot to write about it. It was incredible. Family, food, and fun. Everything great weekends are made of!


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