2013 // a (blog) year in review.

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January // 

Chicken Tacos - itsahero dot com2

Slow Cooked Spicy Chicken Tacos — Which honestly feels like the last time I cooked! Just looking at these instantly reminds me of how delicious (and easy!) they were!

Tales From A Working Mom // Why I Choose To Pump — As silly as this may seem, this was really my ‘coming out’ post as a new natural mom. I haven’t really used the term ‘natural mom’ on my blog before, but it’s always been super important to me and to Chad to raise Ari sustainably and in the most healthy and natural way. Which meant breast milk. Which usually means breastfeeding. But I couldn’t do it (try as I might & try as much as others did to convince me that with a little more effort, it was possible).


My Husbands Life-Changing Guacamole Recipe — There are few things I find more sacred than avocados (and guacamole). So when my husband perfected his guacamole recipe, I had to share it — you know, in the same way that people feel the need to spread the word of Jesus?? I feel that way about his guac recipe. #TrueStory #NotSorry

February // 

This Weekly Mantra — For the simple reason that I talk about chicken wings and say the word vagina in the same blog post.


Red & White on Thursday Night Wrapup — Because it was: 1. Our first night away from Ari; 2. SO much fun! 🙂

March //

My first real post on being a little crunchy granola (about green cleaning products) — This barely scratched the surface of how crunchy-granola we are. Expect more crunchy to come in 2014! Ha!

photo 1(1)

Ari’s 5-Month Update — For the picture alone. Dang, this kid has changed!!

Bullshit Supermom — Although I feel like I’ve found my groove a bit more since March, I still overall feel this way. Too much pressure is put on moms (and dads) to be perfect. And not enough people realize how much EXTRA pressure this puts on families.

April // 

photo 4 (1)

Ohio City Date Day — We ventured out to Ohio City for a day of wandering, eating, and shopping. The weather was perfect and we were home early for an evening to spend with Babycakes. Looking back, we felt out of our element to not have Ari with us. But it’s gotten easier since then.

May // 

Taking The Plunge — I joined Weight Watchers & I started to lose weight in a healthy way!

photo (63)

Ari’s First Cleveland Indians Game — It was one of the hottest days of the year, but we made the most of it and made it to nearly the 5th inning!

June // 

You Are Not Your F*in Khakis — Such a great reminder to think about as we close 2013. Nothing matters but family and loved ones happiness.

July //


Exploring Locally at the Cleveland Flea — It was my first experience at the Cleveland Flea and I soaked it up! It brought me back 3 or 4 more times since! The local vendors and new (to me) local foods!

Poise In Parma Guest Post — On fitness attractions between Akron & Cleveland! Great to get the perspective of a fellow yogi and fitness guru.

Stylish and Affordable Workout Clothes — My Target vs. Lululemon saga. Hint? Target wins for price! But I dream of Lulu.

August // 


Weekend Wrap Up — The one where I went to Yoga Rocks The Park with Poise in Parma and Lilly Handmade Chocolates!

wine canvas 2

Crafty With Wine — My first experience with Wine & Canvas! SO much fun and I have a decent piece of art to show for it. Ha.

photo (82)

On Being A Boy Mom — When I found out I was pregnant with a boy, I was terrified. It turns out that I cannot imagine ever being the mom of a girl!


The Color Me Rad 5k — It was the first race I’ve ever ran with someone. Gretchen and I were team Sons of Mother Runners! 🙂

September // 

The Earth Delights To Feel Your Bare Feet — A reflection of my desire to stop being a people pleaser.

Our Trip to Akron Childrens Hospital — Not necessarily a good day, but by far our worst day of 2013. So glad that we learned about Ari’s egg allergy sooner than later!


Our Busy Weekend — The #BelieveInCLE event, another 5k, a late night snack at Hodges, another Cleveland Indians game, and another painting via Wine & Canvas! One of the best weekends of the year. 🙂

October //

Birthday Weekend Wrap Up — A trip to see Sweeney Todd at PLayhouse Square, dinner at Momocho, and a bit of pampering! For the win!


To The Love of Our Lives On His 1st Birthday — Reflecting on Ari’s first year.


Operation Mama Gets Her Groove Back — That time I cut all of my hair off.

1st birthday set up 3-1

Ari’s Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday Bash — A lot of planning ended up paying off!

November // 

A Few of Ari’s Favorite Things — A list of our baby 1st year must-haves!


One-Year Photo Shoot — My fave pictures of ALL time.


Another CLE Flea Weekend — Brewnuts + Masons Creamery = YUM!

December //

Blogger Date At Charles Scott Salon — Manis, pedis, and dinner with girlfriends!

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alicia at Poise in Parma
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January 1, 2014 at 8:27 am

Awww thanks for the shootout. What a year you had! Sending you and the guys lots of love in 2014!


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