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November 9, 2013 in Ari Davis,weekend



I just finished up a whirlwind 24-hour solo parenting marathon. Chad had to work a crazy 36 hour shift, so I’ve been flying with just my sidekick this weekend.

And, of course, Ari was up earlier than usual this morning. I somehow got him to lay in bed and snuggle with me for nearly an hour after he woke up. It was one of the most heart-warming mommy moments to date! He’s usually adamant about not laying in our bed, so it was a welcomed change. Plus this mama was mega tired after a marathon deep-house cleaning session last night.

The only thing on our must-do list today was Ari’s Wee Tumbler gymnastics class. Which was at 9:15am. But we were up soooo early with absolutely nothing to do. So I decided to take Ari on a breakfast date — just me & him! — to the Blue Door Cafe & Bakery. We split a croissant french toast while I sipped on a coffee. All with enough time to relax and take it all in before the class.


By the start of tumbling, Ari was ready for a nap. But that didn’t stop him from running around and laughing (seriously the cutest thing of all time). Yeah, he didn’t really pay attention to the instructions, but what do you expect from a one-year old!? Then he took a post-class nap while this mama hung out and watched Netflix.

And then we went adventuring so Chad could finally sleep. We played on the playground, went shopping at Babies R Us, and headed to the Apple Store. I was surprised at just how many people seemed to be out shopping. I mean, we ran in and out of most places, and it was a beautiful fall day, but it would seem that everyone and their brother is doing some early Christmas shopping. Craziness!

After our shopping, we stepped in to a local restaurant for a late lunch (early dinner?) — just the two of us yet again! It’s funny because people seem really weird about someone eating alone at a restaurant. It’s something I have no problem doing. And I have no problem going to a restaurant with just me and Babycakes. I mean, he’s hilarious company! Totally funny and completely hams it up in front of people.

It was an absolutely perfect random Saturday. I don’t think Chad feels the same, considering his crazy work day; but for me and that adorable little #BabyAri, we had an awesome day.

Happy weekend, y’all! Hope you’re spending it in a randomly awesome way, too!

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Krystyn November 11, 2013 at 1:59 pm

Sounds like a great Saturday to me…I love dinner (or lunch) dates with my little man too!! My Saturday, however was not quite as fun as yours, I spent it in bed recovering from knee surgery!


katelin November 11, 2013 at 3:40 pm

all i want is breakfast right now, that looks delectable.


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