breaking free from this rut.

November 22, 2013 in cleveland,crafty,explore locally,fun,life,marriage,mommyhood,Ohio,parenthood,plans,starbucks,weekend,yoga

I’m in a rut. I mean, I’ve got my routine: wake up, take Ari to the sitter, work, run on lunch, work, pick up Ari, come home and feed Ari, put Ari to bed, eat dinner, take a shower, and hang out for like 30 minutes before I finally go to bed. It’s familiar. And most days, it’s fine.

But it can also lead to feeling like I’m in a bit of a rut; or a bit of a funk.

So this weekend my goal is to break free from my funky mood!

And here’s how I’m going to do it — 

yoga 1. Yoga.
It’s been a few weeks since I was able to make it to a yoga class.
But I’ve already got it on my schedule for Sunday!

cleveland flea holiday

2. The Cleveland Flea.
Yep, the holiday Cleveland Flea is here!
Ari and I are going to meet up with my cousin to spend some time browsing (and perhaps buying)
some awesome handmade & local gifts!

3. Date Night. Or afternoon, really.
So Chad and I are officially going to go on a date Sunday afternoon —
without Babycakes! I’t’s been a long time, longer than I’d like, since we’ve gone on a date together.
Things have been so busy lately

4. Make Our House Feel Like The Holidays.
Which really means lighting some winter-y candles and laying around in big comfy sweaters. 🙂


5. Take Myself On A Coffee Date.
With my laptop in tow; A warm, holiday latte; and blogs.


6. Start Planning.
Everyone knows the holidays are hectic. I’m trying to minimize stressors over the next several weeks;
to eliminate potential anxiety, by putting it all on paper.
I’m hoping this includes at least some meal-planning, which I despise, but is necessary.

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