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Moms-to-be & new-moms!
I have been waiting ONE year to tell you about the products #BabyAri and I have learned to love and the baby items we simply cannot live without!

Newborn Must-Haves: 


Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets
You might think “Dang! These things are expensive and cannot be practical or worth it!”
But the truth is? You will need these blankets. No other swaddle blankets will work.
The Babies R Us blankets?? Not big enough. These blankets?? These are perfect. In every way.


The Nap Nanny.
I knwow this product has been recalled, and I’m not advising against the recall.
But I can tell you that this thing is a life-saver.
The first time Ari ever slept at night, it was in this thing.
He was too tiny for it, and we wedged him in with a blanket;
but it was the start of a new chapter — the chapter of sleeping again!
So if you can find a used one on Ebay, DO IT.


Infantino Sash Mei Tai.
Vacuuming with a baby = bliss!
Seriously. this is the perfect snuggle-up carrier.


Bright Starts Portable Swing.
Ya know how those fancy Crade and Sway swings look SO awesome??
Well, they suck. Majorly. Big time.
Ours broke within 30-days of use. And apparently they have a record of doing that.
But our sitter uses this one and Ari LOVES it.
Next baby?? I’m getting this.

Nursing Mamas:


My Brest Friend.
This is the ultimate nursing pillow.
I thought the boppy would work, but it didn’t.
This pillow helped support his head and body
so that I could focus on trying to get my little guy to latch.
It was my “third arm” when I needed it!


Lansinoh Nursing Pads.
I registered & received two sets of Lily Pad reusable nursing pads.
But they itched like a mother trucker!
I wanted to love them. I really did. But they are not practical.
You leak, you itch.
Some things were just meant to be disposable. So invest in these, please!


Medela Pump In Style Breastpump.
Sighhh. My saving grace!
It’s no secret that as an exclusively pumping mommy, I need a pump that would be the best.
And this was. I loved it. Completely worth the cost.

For Mom:


Because you will be up at UnGodly hours with zero on the DVR.
Because your baby will want to sleep on you in uncomfortable positions.
So you need Netflix. Now.

Babies of any age must-haves:

New Diaper Designs GROUP

Honest Diapers.
Fragrance and chemical free.
Adorable designs. Environmentally friendly!


My Pal Scout from LeapFrog.
This toy is a lifesaver!
We programmed it with Ari’s “favorites” + his name! Scout seems some catchy
(and annoying)
songs, but is totally worth it! It’s a distraction and snuggle partner for baby.
I’ve seriously bought THREE of these for different friends who have had babies recently!


The Tinydiner Placemat.
I didn’t register for this item, but I got it during my shower. I thought “really?? Will we actually use this??”
But truthfully, it’s been a lifesaver. I don’t ever freak out when we’re in a restaurant, because this suctions to the table,
throw some puffs/pieces of food onto the placemat, and he goes to town!


Yo Gabba Gabba.
This was the one thing that made Ari stop crying while he was colicky.
It’s our baby crack. Love it. Hate it. Live with it.


Cart & Highchair Cover.
This is actually the exact cover we have. And it is awesome!
We use it every single time we make a Target run (which, let’s fact it — is at least three times a week!).


Baby clothes are expensive. And if you want cute ones that you don’t spend HUNDREDS of dollars on,
this is the place to buy them.
ThredUP.com is a resale site of brand name baby/kids clothes.
We have found the most amazing winter coats and Gap sweaters on this site!

For Mama + Daddy:


Go The F**k To Sleep.
The book.
Cause everyone needs a comedy to read when their kid isn’t listening and is screaming for hours on end.
Get it. For real.
That is all.

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Beth November 16, 2013 at 10:45 am

This is a link to the CPSC article detailing why the Nap Nanny was recalled. While it may have worked for your kids, parents & caretakers need to be aware of the risks of using this or any other baby positioner. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all babies be placed on their backs on a flat surface to sleep with no blankets, pillows, soft cushions, or stuffed animals.


Rachel November 16, 2013 at 1:02 pm

Yeah I know why it was recalled. But it does have a strap to keep them in place. And it’s intended use is for the floor; not a table. Kind of like the Bumbo seat.
And we were unfortunate to be in the situation where our baby wouldn’t sleep unless he was being held on our chest. In the Nap Nanny he slept for an hour straight. Which was unheard of! 🙂


Mrs. C. November 16, 2013 at 4:32 pm

New mom here… as of 18 days ago:) I find the A & A swaddle blankets too big and when I fold the bottom up, they get too bulky. Is there a trick I am missing? I know everyone loves them. Also, my little girl won’t latch and we have been exclusively pumping. It is HARD!! Not only do I have to get up to feed and change her, but then again to pump multiple times. It sucks big time. Any tips? does it get easier?


Rachel November 18, 2013 at 8:32 pm

The swaddle blankets are definitely a bit long, but we’ve found that by using the right swaddle method (we seriously kept a “tip sheet” near the bed), we just ended up tucking a little extra in at the end. Do you use that 5-S’s? That’s the swaddle method we were taught.
And in regards to pumping? There’s no easy solution. It’s a lot of work, but it’s also pretty much all I know. I knew that it was important for us (our little family) to breastfeed. But when Ari wouldn’t latch, it tore me apart. My husband said that we could switch to formula, but I really didn’t want to do that. I pumped every three hours. Sometimes at night I would go 4 or 5, but that was if I was lucky. And by then I was so swollen and uncomfortable that I would pump 10 oz in a sitting! I can honestly say that it doesn’t really get easier; BUT it does become the new normal. It just becomes part of what you plan to do everyday. I hope this helps! Hang in there!


Mandy November 20, 2013 at 1:10 pm

I too thought the A & A blankets were a bit too big AT FIRST. But as they grow, they are the most perfect blanket EVER! One thing I like about it is that its light. So when Easton is asleep {he requires a blanket right up by his face to comfort him} I do not worry that he can’t breathe because of the light fabric. They wash fantastic and hold up well. When your little babe gets bigger the blankets will be perfect!

Yes, pumping is hard and extrememly time consuming but I regret stopping so early. I stopped mainly becuase of the inconvience (at 4 months) but I wish I would have kept going. Formula is expensive and honestly…I sort of miss being the only person that could supply Easton with his food. You might not think it now but you will miss it someday. Especially when you see how big your little babe is getting! They really do grow so fast!

Congrats by the way 🙂


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