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My love, Baby Ari (or, as we refer to you on the interwebs, #BabyAri) — You came into our lives as the biggest of surprises!

We learned the hard way that come hell or high water (or birth control + a trip to Vegas), you were meant to be in our lives. As surprised as we were, we quickly embraced your pending arrival. We kept the big news as secret as possible before announcing in April that we were expecting you!

ari 1 year jetadore1

Even though your daddy & I had been dating for years and had planned on someday getting married, we decided the sooner the better! So we eloped in one of our favorite cities — Portland, Maine! It was the perfect weekend and we were so happy to have  you there with us.

We spent most of the pregnancy preparing for your arrival — complete with TWELVE WEEKS of Bradley Method Natural Birthing Classes! That’s right, this mama wanted to have you naturally! I had every intention of keeping your teeny body free from any drugs and anesthesia!

ari 1 year jetadore2

But labor with you was ROUGH! You were a week late, and I didn’t plan on waiting any longer! So, at your Aunt Ashly’s suggestion, I went in for an accupuncture appointment… which actually ended up being TWO acupuncture appointments — one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I thought that acupuncture appointment was the worst thing to happen to me (already anxious personality + pregnancy nerves + 8 needles stuck in me?? yikes), but it turns out the worst was yet to come.

The acupuncture worked! Contractions started that evening during our walk at the Natatorium, and labor progressed rather quickly. But intense contractions lasted for nearly 24-hours. In that 24-hours I experienced more pain and agony than I ever imagined possible. I vividly recall those strenuous hours of labor. Ohhhh, how I have tried to forget over the past year! (When you read this years from now, you may still be an only child).

But then you were here. And you cried. And you wouldn’t stop — not day, nor night; not for 4 months. And it was a nightmare! One day you might have a colicky baby yourself and understand the true torture that is a screaming baby for 4-months straight.

We spent Christmas with Mimi & Papi in Kentucky. And you slept at night for the very first time! It was marvelous! That was the highlight of our holiday trip!

ari 1 year jetadore3

After the holidays mama returned back to work. I have to be honest, it wasn’t really all that difficult to leave you during the day because I knew I was leaving you with someone I trust a thousand percent. I walked into work with enthusiasm to be around adults. Specifically adults that were not screaming for 20 hours a day.

Over those next few months, your daddy & I really fell into a routine. At first it was a struggle, but over time we fell back into a groove with each other and with you.

Before we knew it, you were sleeping regularly. Not quite through the night, but regularly enough so that we transitioned you into your crib in your room. You did great and we finally started to rest. I say rest, because we certainly weren’t sleeping. We were resting until you would wake us up to feed you.

Those Spring months you started to act, well, more like a human. You started rolling over, smiling, cooing, and reacting to us. And by Summer you were crawling. Full-forced and on a mission! Summer was crazy in the best way ever! You started to mumble things like “Dada,” “Mama,” “Uh Oh!” and wave Bye-Bye. And at 10-months you were walking (I am convinced it’s because you are short and so low to the ground!

ari 1 year jetadore4

You have never met a stranger. People love you! I am so happy that you have such charisma already!

Nowadays? You’re now sleeping through the night, eating everything you can get your hands on (seriously, you’ve never met a food you didn’t like!), and running around like a crazy kid! It’s been such a fun year. I can’t wait to count every blessing over these next 12 months!

Love you always!


Mama and Dada

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Heather October 17, 2013 at 8:43 am

Ari’s the CUTEST. And you have such a beautiful family (Love the hair!)!


katelin October 17, 2013 at 6:55 pm

aw happy birthday Baby Ari!


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