1380503861552 Life has been crazy lately — but in a good way. I realize I’ve been awful about updating our fun day-to-day workings, but I’m not at all sorry for that. 🙂 So here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • Ari & I visited my sister and brother-in-law in Columbus for a couple days. We wandered around downtown and shopped, ate, and drank yummy beer.

    I’m not gonna lie, it totally sucks not having my mom and sister nearby. And to make matters worse? All 3 of my sis-in-laws are out of town too. So I majorly lack girl time. But these impromptu trips to Columbus (TWO of them!!) were totally worth the drive.
    1379103096731 (1) Phonto (3)

  • Phonto (4) Oh, and we shopped. I love, love, love buying handmade and local!! Seriously, if there’s an addiction I have, it’s that. More than Etsy, more than Pinterest, there’s buying from local vendors. OBSESSED.
  • Phonto I’ve been going to bed either drastically early or way later than I should. Try like 8PM or midnight. Oy. My struggle to find balance in my life is evident EVERYWHERE.
  • I had a weekday morning off so I went up to Cleveland Yoga for a 6:30 am class with some of my favorites. As much as I adore Yoga Bliss here in Akron, I so easily find myself in a comfortable routine and feel the urge to change it up and challenge myself. Hence returning to CY for a class.
  • I ran the Akron Marathon Relay and loved all 42 minutes of the 4.8 miles! I not only exceeded my goal of running under 9 minutes per mile (woot, woot 8:45!) but I had my parents, amazing husband, and #BabyAri there to cheer me on! They watched me take the hand-off from the relay and then walked over to watch me finish and hand-off to the third leg of the relay!
  • Phonto (7) Phonto (8)

    Too bad as soon as I handed off I threw up.

    Phonto (6) 1380759646366
    This is a post-throw up pic. I’m just happy. Happy to be done throwing up and happy to be done running my ass off.

  • I went to another Wine & Canvas event. This time we painted the Cleveland city skyline, as seen from out on Lake Erie. It was totally fun, yet again. I mean, I don’t consider myself to be a very crafty person, but something about a glass of wine and painting during a stressful week is so therapeutic!


  • I’ve been busy planning Ari’s party. Well, that’s kind of a lie. Because I start thinking about Ari’s party and then I panic, shut down and stop thinking about it just as quickly as I started. Pretty much the furthest I’ve gotten is sending invites out and buying this variation of his smash cake:
    IMG_7747-592x1024 Luckily I ordered his smash cake from Pure Delite, which is a gluten-free and vegan bake shop, well ahead of his allergic reaction to eggs simply because it’s a healthier option to a traditional cake. Well, good thing I did!
  • We visited the local apple orchard and the farmers market. I know it sounds strange, but going to the farmers market totally feeds my soul!
    Phonto (2)
  • The three of us had the chance to go to an Indians game in an incredible suite. It was Ari’s second Indians game, and his first in a suite (the last time we had tickets just behind 3rd base). I swear this child will be spoiled by awesome locally sourced organic food and only going to sporting events where he has awesome seats. Ha!
    1157731_10200857084122041_2085598028_n Phonto (1)
  • Ari learned to climb stairs on his own. So… yeah. There’s that.

Life has been nothing short of amazing lately. And I’ve been out enjoying it rather than blogging (regularly) about it. I am trying to post more often, but if you want to catch me daily, be sure to follow my Facebook page, my tweets, and follow on Instagram!

But, yeah, I’m not sorry about being busy. And I’m not sorry about living life and ignoring my blog. See that little guy? He’s about to be ONE. And things are finally fun. So I’ll be busy for a while 😉

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Amanda October 3, 2013 at 7:09 am

Looks like a great end to the summer and start to fall if you ask me 🙂 and nothing is better than those pretzels from North Market!


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