Guys – I had THE best birthday weekend! I rang in my 29th year in a fantastic way. The weekend started with going to see Sweeney Todd at the Hanna Theater in Cleveland. I’m a fanatic for musical theater of all kinds. I hadn’t seen Sweeney Todd live before (only the movie) and it did not disappoint!

We even took full advantage of the “featured drink”, which was actually suuuuper strong (gee, thanks, Buckeye Vodka!). But the Barber’s Revenge was yummy, nonetheless.


// Sidenote: If you’re interested in seeing Sweeney Todd at the Hannah Theater, purchase tickets online using the discount code PR6 for $10 off each A Level ticket you purchase!! //

After the performance, we decided to take full advantage of our sitter situation and grab a late bite to eat at Momocho! We’ve been dying to try it but never had the chance. Crab guacamole, tamales, and a blood orange marg?? Sign. Me. UP.


After a few drinks and arriving back home at 1:30, my 9 am massage I’d had scheduled for 2 months seemed like a huuuuge mistake. Especially considering I had to get my new drivers license before my freakin’ massage. Oy! So yeah, I crawled my butt out of bed, got my new license, grabbed a free birthday Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks, and went to get my massage.

Once I was there, I realized how freaking worth it it was to wake up early. Cause y’all? Massages are totally WORTH it! Post-massage I headed to Peace Love & Little Donuts in Westpark to try a maple bacon donut (totally worth the weight watchers points!) before heading to Charles Scott Salon for my big haircut!

That’s right, I chopped (well technically Allie at Charles Scott Salon chopped) over 12 inches of my crazy long hair off! I’ve had dreams of getting a pixie cut for ages. About a week ago I completely committed to the idea of getting a pixie cut. I figured the worst thing that could happen was that I would hate it. Right??

Well, I freaking LOVE it. So far I’ve washed my hair every single day and not had to dry it or flat iron it or, really, do anything with it! Plus there will be headbands GALORE! Ha!

I spent the rest of my birthday in pajamas on the couch, scratching my (nearly hairless) head, sipping red wine and eating fun cheeses. That was seriously my request for dinner. Chad said “What do you want?” and I replied with “red wine and cheese please!” And so I did.

Sunday I took Ari to a yoga class at Yoga Bliss Akron, where he played with a couple of other tots while mama got her vinyasa on. Then Ari and I headed home for some naps, snuggling and all around Sunday laziness.


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katelin October 9, 2013 at 7:33 pm

sounds like one hell of a birthday weekend, happy belated birthday! woo!


Ivy @ LWLH October 12, 2013 at 12:17 pm

I freaking love your new ‘do…your rocking the shit out of it girl!


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