Our 1st Trip to the Children’s Hospital.

September 25, 2013 in Ari Davis,family,health

I knew this day was coming. Eventually. I didn’t expect it to be so soon; or for this particular reason. Having a rough baby boy, I expected it to be a broken bone or for stitches or something… you know, just a ‘badge of honor’ for the rough-n-tumble in him.

So when I got a call from our sitter while I was working, I was surprised. But not completely worried. I should have been, because our sitter never calls. We text information back & forth, so a call meant “urgent!”

He had eaten the scrambled eggs I brought for him — the same scrambled eggs he’d eaten the night before — and he immediately swelled up and had hives from head to toe. I told our sitter Chad would be by with some benadryl. I was super calm. I was confident it would be fine. I mean, right? I seriously didn’t panic at all.

But before he could get there, she called me, nearly in tears, saying that Ari was too swollen and needed to be taken to the ER. She later told us that she was crying into the phone but didn’t want to panic me too much. But truthfully, this second phone call made me panic. I drove like a maniac to meet Chad & Ari at the sitters so that we could go to the Children’s Hospital.

When I saw Babycakes I immediately knew I was completely UNDER-reacting. He looked horrible. Awful. He was the brightest shade of red I’ve ever seen on a person. And his ears looked 3 sizes too big — it looked like he had elephantiasis. Seriously. No pictures could do it justice.

This picture was rather early on and it got much, much, worse:


At the hospital they administered even more benadryl than we’d already given him and a steroid to bring down the excessive swelling. He was monitored for a few hours after the swelling started to go down. The doctor seemed to be extra concerned since it was such a severe food allergy.


We were discharged after a few hours and Babycakes is doing well now, but this mamas nerves are SHOT! We’ve had to keep a close eye on him all day, and I’m doubting I’ll get any sleep tonight. I never expected for him to have a food allergy — especially such an odd one! Eggs??

Needless to say, we rarely (if ever) eat eggs. Chad hates them. We don’t cook with them. I generally buy vegan baked goods. So it shouldn’t be hard for us to avoid them. But I’ll be paying extra special attention to anything we buy that is processed (good thing we rarely eat processed foods!).


So tonight you can find me hanging out, trying to relax, with reality TV, paying close attention to the baby monitor, while snacking on some cheese and chocolate, and sipping on some Malbec.

And for those who offered well-wishes on Twitter today, thank you SO much! The positive thoughts and prayers meant so much!

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Dawn September 26, 2013 at 10:33 am

My dad has an allergy to eggs. (Neither of my brothers nor I received that allergy from him though.) Oddly, there are some things he can eat (like say if a cookie recipe or a cake has one or two eggs mixed into the batter) but anything with an egg-wash (like a babka bread, for example) or anything with a high egg content (cakes with more than 2 eggs, custard, etc) is a no-no. He can tell you immediately if it’s something that will affect him because just touching a small bit to his lips will make them itch. (Actually eating it would make him get hives and swell up and would make him violently sick to his stomach.) The one thing to keep a watch for is that certain immunizations, including some flu vaccines, are made using egg proteins, so he has to tell whoever is administering a shot about his allergy so they can verify any egg content. True story: when he was drafted for Vietnam, the Army had everyone in his unit lined up to give immunizations before shipping overseas. He warned them about his allergy but the Army doctor thought he was just trying to get out getting a shot so they administered it anyway…and then he had to spend two days in the medical unit. They believed him after that.


katelin September 27, 2013 at 4:37 pm

oh goodness how scary! so glad to hear the little guy is doing okay. xo


Tori October 7, 2013 at 6:53 pm

I’m allergic to eggs! Well, egg WHITES. (I’m too scared to try the yolks.) Solidarity with Baby Ari. And I’m glad he’s okay!!


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