Happy (my) Friday!

September 12, 2013 in Columbus,events,family,fitness,fun,Ohio,plans,running,Team Pretty Muddy,travel,weekend

I’ve been crazy busy for the past couple of weeks. Between getting lots of extra OT hours at work, fitting in workouts, and spending loads of time with my two favorite guys, I’ve been completely neglecting my to-do list. I know that I will never have a completed list

And that’s OK.

Regardless of how much I have unchecked on my ‘to-do’ list, I’m beyond excited that today is my Friday. Cause even though this weekend is slated to be a busy one, I’m pumped about it.

Tomorrow I’m going to go to a yoga class before Ari + I drive to Columbus — just Mama + Babycakes! 🙂 I figure we’ll spend the day walking around downtown, hitting up some favorite spots [like Pistacia Vera + Jeni’s Ice Cream] on the way, before grabbing lunch with Mimi. Yep — my mom will be meeting us there! And once my sister and her fiance get out of work, we’ll meet up with them.

And Saturday the three of us are going to run the Pretty Muddy Columbus Women’s 5k! I’m so excited! It will be my first ‘obstacle’ run. So I guess I’m a little nervous, too. I hope to meet up with Heather from Mile 26 & More while we’re both at the race. We, very briefly, crossed paths at Charles Scott Salon for the Elle Magazine and Wella Cosmetics event. But we didn’t officially meet. So it MUST happen this weekend. 🙂

After the race, I’m going to ‘race’ back home to Akron to relax. You know, after only a short 3 hour drive. I’ll need to relax a bit because Sunday I’m going to run the Hereos Run 5-miler race in Westpark. That will be my last race pre-Akron Marathon Relay. My leg of the relay is 4.8 miles, so this will be a good ‘test’ before the big day. 🙂


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Heather September 12, 2013 at 11:56 am

Yay!! See you there!


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