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September 10, 2013 in fitness,health,Ohio,running,Team Pretty Muddy,yoga

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Weight Watchers //

Holiday weekends are rough. So are random outings (wine & canvas, Indians game, etc). In the middle of the fun & craziness of the last couple of weeks, I forgot to weigh myself last Tuesday. So I — very hesitantly — weighed myself this morning.

I was scared. But I lost a half a pound! And I’ll take it! I’m still reminding myself that this will be a slow process. Especially if I want to do this the healthy and sustainable way.

Workouts //

In an effort to not get burned out by the same ol’, same ol’! So I committed to Tuesday morning spinning classes at the YMCA. After my first (not my first ever — just my first there) spin class, I felt comfortable with my surroundings, but still challenged with the fitness level. Hooray!!

As an early riser, I’ve gotten used to working out with mostly people who are at least 30 years older than me. So to find that I was in a spin class with 5 other people — all age 60+ — made my heart burst with happiness! 🙂

And after the spin class they even convinced me to sign up for a Monday morning weight lifting/toning class!

Unfortunately, I’m still learning the ropes with my new phone. Aaaaand I’ve slept through my alarm (or it hasn’t gone off — I can’t figure it out!) both yesterday and today. Oy!

Food //

Food. Ohhhh food! I’m such a foodie. I freaking LOVE food. Well, I love good food. Like vegan & gluten free cupcakes. Which, turns out, are still cupcakes. And Hodges crab filled hush puppies. And sushi burritos. And chicken souvlaki salads.

Looking forward //

I may have missed my weekly kickoff workout of spinning this morning, but I’m ready for the rest of this week.

Wednesday I’m going to get in a long run; Thursday I’m going to fit in a short run; and Friday morning I’m going to get a power vinyasa yoga class in. Saturday is the Pretty Muddy Columbus Women’s 5k — PS — there is still time to register! And then Sunday I’m running a 5-miler in Westpark! For those who are unfamiliar with Ohio, that’s a LOT of travelling for one weekend! 🙂 But I can handle it.

I know that when I do this much travelling, my diet may not be as it should be; so for the beginning part of the week, I’m going to really watch what I eat. That way I can be a little bit more lax during my crazy fun weekend. 🙂

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